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At What Temperature Does THC Vaporize And Evaporate At?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Dry herb vaping is becoming a popular way for vape fans to enjoy dry herb in a more effective and fulfilling manner. By using a vaporizer in the right way, you can vape dry herb and get all the benefits while minimizing potential side effects.

New Independent Safety Standard Established for Vaporizers

Reading Time: 2 minutes In an effort to allay fears about e-cigarette device and battery malfunctions, Underwriters Laboratories has stepped forward with a program to inspect, test and certify vaporizers and e-cigarettes in North America. Underwriters Laboratories, known more commonly as UL, has been testing and certifying consumer electronics

UK Study Brings Even More Good News For Vape Community

Reading Time: 2 minutes The very first organization to uncover the harms of smoking cigarettes in 1962, before the US Surgeon had ever put out his report, the Royal College of Physicians is now uncovering the truth about electronic cigarettes. The truth, however, is nothing us vapers haven’t experienced

Troubleshooting and Treating Your E-Cigs Right

Reading Time: 2 minutes Want to know a secret to making your e-cigarettes and vaporizers last as long as possible? How about how to fix slight performance issues without having to get an expert involved? Well, here you go. The following is a basic guide to caring for your