Vape tongue and what you can do about it!
Vaper’s Tongue = No Fun!

Vaper’s tongue, AKA flavor fatigue, are occurrences that only vapers can tell you about. Not pleasant, and utterly annoying, it’s one of the only downsides to using vapor as a preferred method of obtaining nicotine. However, it can be fixed!

So what exactly is “vaper’s tongue?”

It is when you find yourself unable to taste your liquid, and/ or when you notice the intensity of the flavor has dwindled. It’s super common among smokers who switch to vaping.

Is it serious?

Not by any means! While it is an (unpleasant) effect of vaping, there is nothing actually wrong with your taste buds or tongue! Time, patience, and understanding what you can do to ease it along will make it all better.

What causes it exactly?

It can be a tricky little side effect because it doesn’t happen at a specific time. Here are some of the causes:

-Quitting smoking. Smoking cigarettes causes your taste buds to dull, so when you switch to vaping, your senses of taste and smell can become incredibly overstimulated, forcing your taste buds into a brief hiatus while they get reacquainted with all of these smells and tastes. Be patient!

-Getting dehydrated. Did you know that vaping can dehydrate you big time? E-liquid sucks moisture out, and it can cause major dry mouth – to the point of a film forming all through your mouth and tongue, affecting your ability to taste. (Gross, right?) Fix this by drinking A LOT of water.

-Flavor boredom. Yes, even your favorite of all e-liquid flavors can become routine and ordinary. You’ve got to switch things up! Lucky for you, with our single flavors and custom blends, you can have your choice of 30,000 different flavors; we keep it exciting!

-Having a cold or allergies. Upper respiratory funk can really mess with your ability to smell things, which can mess with your ability to taste things, and your flavor can definitely get affected. Gotta wait this one out.

So, now you know what’s behind this mysterious disappearing of taste, and hopefully, you’ll be able to get back to experiencing the world of deliciousness in no time! Like most transitions, just allow things to run their course; whether you’ve got a cold or you’re just adjusting to being a vaper now.