VaporFi rocket tankWe offer a huge range of different tanks because all vapers are into something different and we know most of you like to try a variety of things to get exactly the sensations you’re craving. Whether you’re into trying everything we offer with all your different devices, or are the type who finds one the style that fits you and stick with it exclusively, either way, you’re sure to find a tank (or two or three or four) that rocks your world within our selection.

So if you’re in the market for tanks, interested in trying a new one, or just window shopping to get a taste of your available options, these are our best tanks!

The Platinum Tank: One of our most popular and most beloved tanks, the platinum offers a sizable vessel for those who like their tank to handle a lot of vaping. Stylish, modern construction and a glass tube make this the first choice for many hardcore enthusiasts.

The Rocket Tank: This tank is made for those who are using a high-performance vape pen. It was designed with airflow control, a generous capacity (2.5 ml), and produces exceptionally clean, pure flavors. Dual coils, glass body, and 1.8 ohm- oh yes, you’re gonna feel the rocket-powered force of this tank!

The Pro-L Tank: For pros and everyday Joe’s alike, this tank works with all Pro vaporizers and the Pulse. It’s great performance and ease-of-use make it one of the best choices in the market. To-the-point performance and no nonsense vaporizing, paired with a whole lot of style give you everything you could want.

The Clear Tank: clearly awesome, this tank it delivers on performance, has a nice compact size without being too small, you get the benefits of a carbonate construction, and it offers the benefit of giving you a readily available view of your liquid level at all times.

So, do you need a tank? This is only a scratch at the surface of our vaporizer accessories, so if you’re looking for versatility that can work with a variety of your vape pens, these are four tanks you absolutely need to have in your arsenal!