VaporFi Reserve CollectionHave you tried our signature line of e-liquids from the Reserve Collection yet? If you haven’t, well we invite you to give these a go because they’re so, so good! If you’re into intense experiences, exquisite flavors, and savoring the finest of vapor tastes, you’re going to really appreciate these. Here’s some info on this new line, because we’re sure, once you learn more about them, you’ll be dying to get these e-juices into your tanks!

About the VaporFi Reserve Collection

The VaporFi Reserve Collection was designed to create an additional avenue in the e-liquids market, catering to those who want greater quality, and the deliciousness available in craft-made liquids. This line isn’t about upstaging our current, standard line of e-liquids, but more about diversifying our options, catering to the ever-evolving tastes of advanced vapers, and to go where other liquids have not ventured yet. If you consider yourself a flavor aficionado, we invite you to try them!

The Reserve Difference

Packaged in glass bottles, including a dropper, the Reserve Collection liquids are special. They are comprised of premium quality ingredients – the finest the industry offers, featuring a proprietary balance of 40% PG to 60% VG. The recipes are top secret, these flavors were not meant to be deciphered! And once you try them, you’ll understand why!

Steeped for Perfection

Also of interest, these e-liquids have been steeped, which is an artisan practice of aging, like wine, to produce the richest, deepest, fullest flavors. Most liquids on the market are not steeped, as it is a process that takes time, experience, and understanding of how each flavor will react to a particular technique. However, the effort is so worth the savory results!

Available in 6 different flavors, enthusiasts have been raving about them since they hit the market. These liquids are far from ordinary, so if you’re looking for something different, or that will please your cultured palate, do have a vape with the Reserve Collection!