VaporFi Vape Pens and E-LiquidsNot to be confused with say a (cigar) aficionado, an eFicionado, basically coined as of this article’s publishing, is one who is a die-hard e-cigarette/ vaporizer/ MOD connoisseur. You may be classified in this exclusive demographic if you possess more than a basic handful of puffing knowledge. This lifestyle is just that; a lifestyle. You live it – literally, you breathe it. So, here are 10 signs you are clearly an eFicionado!

  1. You’ve always got a back-up device charged and ready to go; being prepared is essential.
  2. You’re a member of more than a few online platforms devoted to the art of vaping. Forums, Social Media, YouTube, etc.
  3. You’re sometimes known to spend more money on vaping than you did on smoking. Come on, admit it! You’re not the only one!
  4. Non-vapers are sometimes confused by your use of vape slang. Say what about coils, temps, mods, builds, attys, nickel, titanium wires, tanks, and configurations?
  5. You’ve got a handle on all the latest gear, brands, products and technology. Because in this tech-savvy industry, if you didn’t, you’d be missing out big time!
  6. You plan your days/ nights/ weekends around vaping. Vape life is the only life!
  7. You attend vape meets. Because community rocks, and standing up for our rights is super important these days!
  8. You’re in the know about all the current regulations; all educated, dedicated vapers should be!
  9. Building DIY MODS is your idea of an afternoon well spent!
  10. You’ve been known to ditch love interests due to their lack of interest in the #vapelife! Compatibility, y’all! If he/ she doesn’t understand the obsession, things may get complicated!

So, do you fancy yourself an eFicionado? The technology surrounding these new-age nicotine systems is ever-evolving. Their flavor profiles, ever-expanding options and best of all, their ongoing acceptance is happening virtually everywhere! Now is a great time to be a vaper, and if you’ve considered trying the alternative side, or have switched over, the choices and varieties are here for the taking!