Sub Ohm VapingIn the vape world, one of the hottest things in existence currently is sub ohm vaping. You may have heard of this advent, you may be curious about what it means, and you may be wondering if it’s something you could benefit from. So, if you’re wanting to learn exactly what sub ohm vaping is, keep reading! We’ll let you know all about it, which products will fit the bill, and why there is so much hype.

Sub ohm vaping is to vape with an RBA atomizer at a coil resistance level less than 1.0 ohms. The term “sub” is used to depict the “below” part of the practice.

This method of vaping is done with such pleasure because it enables the vaper to blow tremendously large clouds, produces more flavor, and offers a warmer vapor. It’s also a lot of fun for those who are into that sort of thing. One of the key aspects to sub ohm-style vaping is the mechanics of it, which involve a much greater level of power to create a lot of heat spread over a larger area, resulting in a vast amount of liquid vaporized instantly. This will then create a very large, very satisfying cloud.

More flavor is also a positive attribute of bigger clouds. Due to the coil size, denser vapor gets produced, and this results in more flavor transferred. Sub ohm vaping tends to be extra delicious.

Sub ohm vaping is definitely in the territory of advanced vapers, many of whom consider vaping and building to be hobbies. It takes time and effort to perfect the art of coil building, as well as learning all the ins and outs of working with electricity, so this is really not a method for those looking for a fast, quick puff of instant gratification. There are a range of different non-rebuildable sub ohm products out there, so we suggest doing some research if that seems to be more your style.

If you are seriously into sub ohm vaping, or looking to start, our Vox II box mod and Bolt RBA are excellent items designed with superior quality and tech specs to give you the options needed when building to produce maximum sub ohm radness. Ready for a cloud competition? Yes, that’s actually a thing in this subculture; consider yourself forewarned, because clouds are a whole lot of fun!