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Anatomy of an E-Cigarette Vaporizer

Examine how the parts of an e-cigarette work together to create the ultimate vaping experience

When a non-smoker sees someone vaping for the first time, the usual reaction is negative. The thought process tends to go something like: E-cigarettes look like smoking, therefore they must be just as bad. This sentiment, though misguided, may explain why people remain resistant to vaping in public and why e-cig bans continue to pop up all around the country.

However, as any vaper who knows the truth about e-cigarettes will realize, the fundamental problem here is misinformation and a lack of understanding in how a vaporizer works. As the saying goes, people fear what they don't understand.

Take the story of the train, for instance. When the world's first railway opened in 1825, the initial reaction was horror. People thought the human body wasn't made to travel at such incredible speeds as 30mph. In fact, many believed traveling so fast could kill you in the most grisly ways, like your body melting. So despite the fact horse carriage-related deaths were a common occurrence, trains were avoided at first because they were considered dangerous.

But as people began experiencing trains for themselves and the general public acquired a basic understanding of how trains work, the superstitions surrounding the new technology gradually faded into the past. Nowadays, most of us go faster than 30mph on a daily basis in our cars and some humans fly jets that travel faster than the speed of sound.

Likewise, as fellow vaping advocates and connoisseurs, we believe that the best way to clear away the smoke surrounding e-cigarettes is to spread awareness about how the technology works and why vapor smoking isn't anything to fear.

To help accomplish this, we picked apart one of our advanced personal vaporizers to show how each of the various parts, when put together, are able to create the ultimate vaping experience.

First, we'll start with the main component of an e-cigarette vaporizer.

e-cig batteryBattery

At the end of your e-cigarette you'll find the battery, which powers your device and allows all other parts to operate smoothly. Most e-cigarettes are powered by lithium-ion batteries because they are rechargeable, which reduces the cost and hassle for vapers. There are two types of battery options: manual and automatic. (Click here to find out which is best for you.)

The VaporFi Platinum Pro vaporizer, one of our most popular devices, boasts a battery capacity of 650mAh to keep you fully-powered for continual vaping longer than ever before. 

Visit our Knowledge Center for 6 money-saving tips to increase your e-cig's battery life.


The battery connects to the atomizer – the part of the e-cigarette that turns nicotine liquid into vapor. This process take place through a heating coil within the atomizer that is put in contact with the liquid. Heat causes vaporization to occur and voilà—deliciously flavored vapor is made!



Moving closer towards the tip of your vaporizer, you'll find the tank. This is where the nicotine liquid is stored before vaporization and where new liquid is refilled. In disposable devices, this part may be called the cartridge. Many newer e-cigarettes combine the cartridge with the atomizer into one component, known as the cartomizer.

The Platinum Pro vaporizer, in addition to several other VaporFi models, offers the next level in vaping technology with our clearomizer tanks. Clearomizers are essentially like cartomizers, except they are also transparent so that vapers can easily tell when it is time to refill their liquid. 


Lastly, every e-cigarette vaporizer has a mouthpiece, or tip. The purpose of the mouthpiece is to funnel vapor from the atomizer into the vaper's mouth. The tip is where you place your lips and inhale to get a satisfying draw of flavored vapor. Not all e-cigarettes have the recognizable mouthpieces like our vaporizers. Some mouthpieces are built into the cartridge to more resemble traditional cigarettes, like the VaporFi Express e-cigarette.

There are plenty of other e-cigarette accessories that go into making a vaping experience truly great, but now you know the main components of a vaporizer. Time to go spread the good news and teach people why e-cigarette vaporizers are nothing to be afraid of!

Be sure to stay up-to-date on the latest e-cigarette trends and topics by visiting our blog for vapers.

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