WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Discover the pinnacle of vaping technology with HorizonTech vape products. Browse the latest HorizonTech tanks and coils that redefine the boundaries of performance and flavor.

HorizonTech tanks are at the forefront of vaping technology, designed to deliver unmatched flavor and vapor production. Whether you're a novice vaper or an advanced enthusiast, our selection of HorizonTech tanks caters to your unique preferences. These vape tanks are engineered with precision and feature innovative designs, such as top-fill systems and adjustable airflow, to elevate your vaping experience.

HorizonTech coils are the heart of your vaping setup, ensuring exceptional flavor and cloud production. These high-performance coils are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, providing you with the reliability and consistency you deserve. Whether you prefer sub-ohm coils for massive clouds or higher resistance coils for a more balanced vape, Horizontech has you covered.

VaporFi is your trusted source for HorizonTech vape products because we prioritize authenticity, quality, and customer satisfaction. When you shop with us, you can trust that you're receiving genuine Horizontech products backed by our unwavering commitment to excellence. Our team of experts is always ready to assist you in choosing the perfect Horizontech product to suit your vaping style and preferences.

What is the newest tank from HorizonTech?

The newest tank from HorizonTech may vary depending on the time of your inquiry, as they frequently release new products. The HorizonTech Aquila Tank is the newest and most innovative sub-ohm tank to emerge from the HorizonTech since the popular Falcon tank. It boasts several innovative new features that make this tank a must-have for sub-ohm vapers.

What is the difference between HorizonTech Falcon 2 and Falcon King?

The HorizonTech Falcon 2 and Falcon King are both renowned sub-ohm tanks, but they have some differences:


  • Coil Compatibility: The Falcon 2 uses the Falcon 2 coil series, while the Falcon King uses the original Falcon coils.
  • Capacity: The Falcon King generally has a larger e-liquid capacity than the Falcon 2.
  • Airflow: The airflow systems may differ between the two tanks, affecting the vaping experience.
  • Design: The overall design and aesthetics can vary between the Falcon 2 and Falcon King.

What are HorizonTech coils made of?

HorizonTech coils are typically constructed with high-quality materials. The coils often feature a combination of cotton wicking material and wire made from Kanthal or other suitable materials for heating. Some coils may also incorporate wood pulp or bamboo fiber as part of their wicking material for enhanced flavor and longevity.

What coils are compatible with the HorizonTech Falcon 2?

The HorizonTech Falcon 2 tank is specifically designed for use with the HorizonTech Falcon 2 coil series. These coils are optimized for performance with this tank and are known for delivering excellent flavor and vapor production. They are not compatible with other HorizonTech tanks.

What coil does the Falcon King use?

The HorizonTech Falcon King tank is compatible with a variety of coils from the HorizonTech Falcon coil series. These coils are known for their versatility and excellent performance. Popular options include the M1, M-Dual, M-Triple, and more. The Falcon King's compatibility with different Falcon coils allows vapers to choose the coil that best suits their vaping preferences.