WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Explore an extensive array of Voopoo products, including cutting-edge Voopoo vape devices, coils, pods, and mods that redefine vaping innovation and satisfaction.

Voopoo is celebrated for its pioneering spirit, precision engineering, and relentless pursuit of vaping excellence. When you choose Voopoo products from VaporFi, you're choosing a brand that consistently pushes the boundaries of what's possible in vaping.

Discover VooPoo Vapes and Mods

Voopoo vape devices and mods combine style with performance. From the iconic Voopoo Drag series to sleek starter kits, Voopoo offers an extensive range of options for vapers of all levels. These devices are designed to deliver exceptional vapor production, customization, and reliability, ensuring that every puff is as satisfying as the last.

Explore Voopoo Pods and Coils

VooPoo pods and coils are engineered to provide a superb vaping experience. Whether you prefer the convenience of pods or the versatility of coils, Voopoo offers options that cater to your needs. VooPoo's innovative coil technology ensures outstanding flavor and cloud production, while their pod systems provide simplicity and convenience without compromising performance. Get the most flavor and clouds from your favorite e-liquid with VooPoo’s powerful vapes and accessories.

Is VooPoo Drag a good brand?

Yes, VooPoo is widely regarded as a reputable and innovative brand in the vaping industry. The VooPoo Drag series, in particular, has garnered praise for its build quality, performance, and stylish design. Many vapers appreciate VooPoo's commitment to delivering high-quality devices that offer excellent flavor and vapor production.

What is the best VooPoo unit?

The "best" VooPoo unit can vary depending on individual preferences and needs. VooPoo offers a diverse range of devices, each catering to different vaping styles. Some popular options include the VooPoo Drag X and Drag S pod systems, the VooPoo Vinci series, and the VooPoo Drag Max mod. The choice of the best unit depends on factors such as wattage requirements, style, and whether you prefer a pod system or a mod.

How do you fix the "check atomizer" message on VooPoo Drag?

If you encounter a "check atomizer" message on your VooPoo Drag, try the following troubleshooting steps:


  1. Ensure that the atomizer or coil is securely screwed into the 510 connection.
  2. Check the coil for damage or wear and replace it if necessary.
  3. Clean the 510 connection on both the mod and the atomizer to ensure a good connection.
  4. Make sure that the atomizer is compatible with the VooPoo Drag's wattage range.
  5. Ensure that the mod is powered on and has sufficient battery life.

How do you open the VooPoo Drag x battery door?

To open the battery door on the VooPoo Drag X, follow these steps:


  1. Locate the battery door on one side of the device.
  2. Slide the battery door downward while applying slight pressure.
  3. The battery door should slide open, revealing the battery compartment.
  4. Insert or remove the batteries as needed, ensuring they are oriented correctly.
  5. Slide the battery door back up until it clicks into place, securing the batteries.

How do you unlock the VooPoo Argus gene?

The VooPoo Argus Gene may have different unlock methods depending on the specific model. However, a common way to unlock many VooPoo devices is to click the fire button multiple times rapidly (usually five times) within a few seconds. This action should unlock the device and allow you to use it. Please consult your device's user manual for specific unlocking instructions, as different models may have variations in their user interface.