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Smok is one of the world’s top vaping manufacturers, SMOKTech fills out the lineup nicely with some of the most technologically advanced products on the market. While they initially focused on products for more technically seasoned
Smok is one of the world’s top vaping manufacturers, SMOKTech fills out the lineup nicely with some of the most technologically advanced products on the market. While they initially focused on products for more technically seasoned electronic cigarette users, they’ve since introduced products that meet the needs of vapers at all experience levels while still upholding their reputation of being durable and ground-breaking. SMOKtech vape pens and mods are some of the best on the market. Whatever your preference is, if you want a top-of-the-line vape pens that will fit your needs, VaporFi has got you covered.

SMOKTech's Origin

Launched in 2010, SMOK, better known as SmokTech back then, is a subsidiary of Shenzhen IVPS Technology Corporation, a company known for its technologically advanced research and development in the electronic cigarette industry. Quickly establishing a name for themselves, they have a habit of pushing the boundaries of vaping without sacrificing on build quality or coming off as “gimmicky.” Some of their first products to break out were the variable-voltage (or VV) vape pens dubbed the VMax and ZMax, which made their way around many vape circles due to the lack of advanced variable-voltage vape mods at the time. Shortly after that, they continued to innovate with their mechanical mods – including the legendary Magneto mod, which was one of the first to make use of a magnetic fire button to improve the responsiveness and safety of mech mod firing triggers.

More recently, in 2015, their TFV4 top-fill tank and Alien mod kit broke sales records for the vaping industry and continued the trend of introducing products that would change the world of e-cigarettes forever. The TFV4 revolutionized vape tanks by being one of the first to implement a top-fill system that works as intended – utilizing a patented spiral-lock model to avoid pesky leakage or unwanted lid openings. SmokTech quickly became a household name with products like these, but little did vapers of the time know about SMOK’s future and some of the fantastic products that were to come!

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SMOK of Today

We mentioned the massive impact the TFV4 had in the e-cig industry, and this just continued with SMOK’s trend of innovating on success. They’ve continued to build on and enhance this design, genuinely showing their commitment to not only the industry but you as a vaper and person. Many companies across the world will try to squeeze every dime out of a good idea, but SMOK seems to continue striving for perfection, even when it may reduce the sales cycle for their current products, without reducing the effectiveness or support for older products. The TFV8 and recently unveiled TFV12 show what vape perfection looks like, and it’s what makes the Cloud Beast and Baby Beast some of the most popular atomizer tanks on the market.

Their popularity has spawned multiple iterations of available replacement coils to ensure you get your vape at the perfect temperature and density every time. These now-legendary atomizers are complemented by an equally impressive lineup of mods that showcase SMOK’s advanced vape technology. As one of the first companies to introduce mods capable of 200-watt-plus vaping, their current product catalog focuses on power and technical prowess while still providing options for entry-level vapers.

Along with their commitment to staying on the cutting edge of the latest technology, you will be hard-pressed to find a company that is more focused on the #1 desire of any vaper: amazing flavor. SMOK tanks, coils, and mods are designed to perfectly complement your favorite e juice. Many fans often find that putting their favorite blend in a SmokTech device brings out new notes which they have never even tasted before!

Their products cater to more advanced users in general, but bold and vibrant options, paired with easy-to-use and straightforward products, make SMOK vape pens and tanks some of the most popular at VaporFi.

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