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SMOK Vaping Devices SMOK arrived on the vape scene in 2010, rocketing to worldwide popularity with its reputation for forward-thinking innovation, tech-savvy devices, and unparalleled quality. Today, whether you’re shopping for a SMOKTech box mod, tank, pod-style device, or any of their other top-quality products, you can bet that you’re investing in the very best.

SMOK Vaping Devices

SMOK arrived on the vape scene in 2010, rocketing to worldwide popularity with its reputation for forward-thinking innovation, tech-savvy devices, and unparalleled quality. Today, whether you’re shopping for a SMOKTech box mod, tank, pod-style device, or any of their other top-quality products, you can bet that you’re investing in the very best. VaporFi is proud to carry an extensive selection of SMOK mods, tanks, coils, and more, making it easy to upgrade to a SMOK vape set-up and enjoy your best-ever vape experience.

SMOK Vape Products to Suit Every Style

If you’re a vaper that likes to make the most of your vape sessions, you absolutely can’t go wrong with any SMOK vape mod. With a genius engineering and design team, the SMOK brand has crafted exceptional-quality devices to fit every vape preference, price point, and personality. Whether your vape priorities involve giant clouds, knock-out flavor, portability, or anything and everything in between, there’s a SMOK vape for you.

SMOK Vape Kits & SMOK Mods

Your choices for SMOK starter kits includes everything from ultra-compact pens to advanced mods, including: SMOK Stick Series This collection of sleek and stylish SMOK vape pens includes the top-rated SMOK Stick 80W, SMOK Stick V9 Max 60W, SMOK Stick V8 Big Baby Beast, SMOK Stick Prince, and the SMOK Stick Prince Baby.

SMOK Morph

If you’re searching for the ultimate in advanced vaping, the SMOK Morph will surely exceed every expectation. A long-lasting battery, rapid-fire chipset, and a color touchscreen are just some of the many features that come with this high-powered SMOK mod.


A classic box mod shape with all the top-of-the-line features you’ve come to expect from SMOK, rounded out with a generous dose of power, style, and thoughtful design.

SMOK Pod Systems

Pod-style vapes are one of the hottest trends to hit the vape community in quite some time, so it makes sense that SMOK would be at the head of the pack with a solid line-up of impressive options, including these heavy hitters:


Super affordable and compatible with an excellent range of SMOK coils, the NOVO 2 is a portable, impressively stylish way to try pod vaping.


One of the brand’s newest debuts, the SMOK MICO has the shape of a box mod with the size and portability of a compact pod system.


With the brand’s signature cobra resin overlay and coil options for sub-ohm vaping, this pod-style vape from SMOK is a definite winner.


This SMOK vape pod system has a unique shape that makes it one of the most comfortable vapes on the market, and the high-quality performance to back up its good looks.

SMOK Trinity Alpha

For the vaper that wants the freedom to enjoy both freebase and nicotine salt e-juices, the Trinity Alpha is an excellent choice with multiple power modes, interchangeable coils, and easy-to-switch pod cartridges.

SMOK Tanks

SMOK vape tanks are easily one of the most talked-about products in the industry, especially when the whole community is buzzing about the brand’s latest releases. Their most famous creations include the SMOK TFV16 Sub Ohm Vape Tank, TFV12 Prince, TFV12 Baby Prince, and the TFV8 Baby Beast, each one promising an unmatched vape experience and top-of-the-line performance.

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SMOK Vape Products

For years, SMOK has stood as a titan of the vape industry, establishing a reputation for innovation, impeccable quality, and stylish designs. Counted among the best vape brands in the world, SMOK crafts some of the most technologically-advanced vape devices on the market. SMOK is consistently going above and beyond to deliver the cutting-edge features that vapers want and need. With an impressive line-up of high-performance mods, tanks, and coils, SMOK caters to an extensive variety of vape styles, experience levels, and preferences. 

VaporFi is proud to offer an excellent selection of SMOK mods, tanks, starter kits, coils, and more. They make it easy to find the premium vape product that suits your individual needs.  


SMOK Brand Featured Image

Smok’s History of Vape Industry Excellence

From the brand’s earliest beginnings, SMOK has maintained a steadfast dedication to incorporating advanced technology and intuitive features to each of its vape products. The brand was initially known as SMOKTech when it launched in 2010, founded as a brand of the Shenzhen IVPS Technology Corporation. Backed by a team of expert researchers, talented engineers, and innovative designers, the brand quickly became known for pushing the boundaries of traditional vape product design.

Throughout the years, SMOK has continuously broken records for top-selling vape products, earned rave reviews for new product debuts, and changed the world of vaping for the better.

Top-Selling SMOK Vape Products for Every Style and Price Point

Considering making the switch to SMOK? You certainly aren’t alone. SMOK tanks, mods, coils, and vape kits are some of the most popular vape products in the world, with an impressively loyal following. There’s a reason so many vapers swear by SMOK as their brand of choice – when you’re searching for unparalleled performance, thoughtful features, high-tech elements, and an attractive design, SMOK vape products exceed every expectation. 

A SMOK vape kit is a highly popular purchase for new and seasoned vapers alike, arming you with everything you need to enjoy an excellent vape. Kit options range from pod-style vapes like the SMOK Rolo Badge, NOVO Vape Pod, and SMOK Nord, to advanced mods like the SMOK Morph 219. If you already have a mod you love, consider pairing it with a compatible SMOK tank, like the famous TFV12 Prince or the TFV8 Cloud Beast. Of course, a SMOK vape set-up wouldn’t be complete without a solid supply of premium SMOK coils, designed to provide the ultimate in vapor production and smooth, deliciously pure flavor. 

There’s a SMOK vape for everyone, regardless of whether you prefer no-fuss vape pens, convenient pod vapes, or high-powered mods that can make all your cloud chasing dreams come true. And with such a varied line-up of products at a full range of price points, SMOK has ensured that every vaper can afford true vaping excellence.


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