WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Does sub ohm hit harder?

Sub-ohm vaping tends to deliver a more intense and warmer vapor due to the lower resistance coils and higher wattages. This can create the sensation of a "harder" hit, often preferred by users looking for a powerful and satisfying vaping experience.

Is sub ohm good for flavor?

Sub-ohm vaping is excellent for flavor. The increased vapor production and higher wattages allow for better e-liquid vaporization, resulting in richer and more intense flavors. Vapers who prioritize flavor often gravitate towards sub-ohm setups.

What nicotine is best for sub ohm?

Sub-ohm vaping typically requires lower nicotine levels. Vape juice with nicotine levels of 3mg or 6mg are common choices for sub-ohm vaping. Because of the increased vapor production, higher nicotine strengths can be too intense and even harsh.

Does sub ohm deliver more nicotine?

Sub-ohm vaping doesn't inherently deliver more nicotine; it's the choice of nicotine strength that determines the nicotine intake. What sub-ohm does deliver is a greater volume of vapor, which can lead to a quicker nicotine absorption in each puff.

What happens if you use salt nic with sub ohm?

Using high-strength salt nicotine e-liquids with sub-ohm devices is not recommended. The increased vapor production and wattage can deliver an excessive amount of nicotine, leading to harsh throat hits and potential nicotine overconsumption. It's best to reserve salt nic e-liquids for lower wattage, mouth-to-lung devices where they are more suitable.