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Carla Jimenez
Carla Jimenez
Cannabinoid & Alternative Expert

Having moved to the West Coast at an early age from Memphis, Tennessee, Carla Jimenez grew up around the early stages of the cannabis boom in California throughout the nineties and early 2000’s, and began working in the industry as soon as she was legally able. At 21, Carla took on a variety of internships and part-time positions with cannabis farms and dispensaries alike, absorbing a wealth of knowledge that has granted her a unique position and perspective for dealing with the future of the cannabis industry. 

Now more than ever, the legality and accessibility of marijuana are both constantly in flux, and the emergence of THC derivatives has seemingly shifted the cannabis industry on a permanent front. Carla understands the importance of having access to safe and affordable cannabis products, as well as the luxury of being able to choose strength and strain alike.

By working with VaporFi, Carla is able to point us in the direction of new and exciting products that are created in clean, safe, and forward-thinking facilities, helping us to curate a large catalog of cannabis derivatives and products that deliver the right treatment for both curious minds and veteran cannabis users. 

Our team understands the importance of offering a range of goods that is wide enough to serve a variety of experience levels and personal preferences, while remaining capable of keeping an ear to the ground for the latest innovations and product types that help deliver a worthy, relaxing experience. Carla helps VaporFi stay keen on which brands are doing the most engaging research and releasing premium goods worth knowing about, investing in, and delivering to your door; with her knowledge of the industry, she keeps our entire selection of Delta derivatives in check, making sure to tell us when ingredients change, brands have a shift in ownership, or when there are new derivatives to consider.

She also helps us work constantly within the legal limits of the industry, as the laws surrounding cannabis derivatives changes by state at a near-constant. In Carla’s blogs, shoppers will find useful information with regards to every facet of this ever-growing market. Whether you want tips on the best way to smoke or ingest Delta products, are looking for the latest developments and innovations in products and cannabis vaping technology, or are simply curious about the world of cannabinoids, Carla’s index of information can help you every step of the way. 

Keep an eye out for regular updates to her VaporFi contributions, and rest easy knowing that this is a resource you can trust when considering how to venture out into the expanding world of Delta products. VaporFi is always trying to bring together the best tips, best products, and best practices to create the optimal experience for every hopeful vaper or edible enjoyer, and Carla is here to help! Look out for Carla’s guides on topics like the best new gummies to try out, new and groundbreaking changes in THC derivatives, and updates to laws and regulations surrounding the market.