WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Max Hoffman
Max Hoffman
E-Liquid & Vape Juice Expert

Max Hoffman is a native to the East Coast who now regularly scours the entire country for the latest flavors and combinations to create the ultimate treatment in vaping experiences. While originally from a small town in North Carolina, Max hasn’t let his roots keep him grounded in one area, instead choosing to keep his ear to the ground for the newest trends and flavor profiles that encourage a widening market for e-liquids, e-juices, and everything in between.

Max’s tastebuds originally aligned with mintier, lighter tones that made for easy and accessible vaping experiences, but his palette continues to expand alongside the ever-evolving world of e-liquid flavors. He understands the importance of a vaper finding their own flavor, and encourages both VaporFi team members and customers alike to explore a range of flavors that bloom, blossom, sweeten, and savor every pull. 

With a background in culinary arts, his need to experience and inform the vaping community with updates and experiments in new flavors continues to help VaporFi develop and curate new and exciting profiles for a customer base that is always looking for that Next Big Flavor. By constantly exploring the newest options for tastes that reshape and reimagine the forefront of what it means to experience a full-flavored pull, Max has become an authority in the e-liquid community.

His knowledge doesn’t stop there: Max has developed a keen sense for which milligram amounts suit each classification of vaper, from beginners to veterans. While taste is of utmost importance for creating the best vaping experience possible, it shouldn’t take away from– or unnecessarily contribute to– the nicotine intake of your choice. 

The Max Hoffman method is to first comprehend which type of smoker you are: casual, regular, or aiming-to-quit; only then do flavors come into play. By understanding that each vaper has their own set of needs and expectations, he’s able to recommend the dosage necessary to create a buzz worth buzzing about. Where a beginner-level vaper may be more into low-milligram, high-flavor e-liquids, a veteran might be on the lookout for the exact opposite– high-milligram, plain-flavored e-juices. Understanding this dichotomy is crucial to Max’s work with VaporFi, and his best work for choosing the right flavors for every customer thrives when he’s able to dictate exactly which flavors and nic levels are appropriate for each customer. This is why it’s vital to keep up with Max’s suggestions– he caters his knowledge toward every brand of vaping individual, whether you’re a beginner or have years in the game. 

Max Hoffman continues to expand on his knowledge-base of flavors and appropriate nicotine levels by interacting with those who make the flavors themselves, allowing himself a unique position in the promotion of the latest e-liquids from the VaporFi family. Keep up with Max’s posts to get the insider scoop on which flavors are bound to take the vaping market by storm, and use his helpful hints to make your own vaping experience taste better than ever. Keep up with Max’s posts among the spread of VaporFi blogs that aim to keep you informed and updated on all the latest vaping developments, and discover your next favorite e-liquid with educated ease.