It’s time for our annual countdown to the holidays with an incredible selection of e-juices designed to get you in the mood to celebrate. That’s right! We’ve got a mix of classic flavors that will take you back to the holidays at home like baking cookies and drinking eggnog with the family.

Let’s dive right in with some of the best e-juices VaporFi has to offer this season.

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Holiday-Friendly Vape Juices

VaporFi has managed to put together a variety of holiday-friendly flavors to whet any appetite. For instance, the incredible Deep Fried Apple Pie from VaporFi. This delicious, multi-layered pie flavor will fill your home with the scent of freshly baked apple pies, bursting with cinnamon and other spices. While we’re on pies, it’s also worth mentioning the delicious Pecan Cake vape juice that features the filling of a Pecan Pie atop a delightful slice of cheesecake.

If you love your Christmas beverages, VaporFi has three variants of Eggnog so you can choose a basic blend to mix with spiced flavors, or you can get one of our master recipes such as Spiked Eggnog.

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We also have a wealth of peppermint flavored holiday e-juices as well. Peppermint flavored vape juice is excellent if you’re a candy cane lover, but peppermint also makes up a key element of our Peppermint Bark juice. You’ll also see peppermint featured in some of our coffee beverages for a fun seasonal twist.

If you prefer your holidays filled with baked goods, you’re in luck! We have delicious Gingerbread vape juice coming right up. This juice is perfect for those who love a little hint of sugar in their day but don’t want an all-out dessert vape. It has a very mild and warm flavor and scent that isn’t too sweet.

How to Buy Holiday E-Juice Products

If you plan on staying home for the holidays, you can go ahead and order a 100 ml bottle of your favorite flavors directly from VaporFi. However, if you’ll be traveling this year, there are a few considerations you need to make. First, you should consider purchasing vape pens that are easy to travel with on planes and through bus stations. The best e-cigs for travel tend to be those that are disposable such as pre-filled cartridges or those that don’t require you to carry extra bottles of liquid with you.

Why Vape for the Holidays?

Vaping is an excellent choice for the holidays for many reasons. E-cigs for travel make it easy to take your favorite nicotine products with you, even if you’re going to the house of relatives who don’t smoke. These fun, festive flavors are not nearly as off-putting as traditional tobacco products, so you should face fewer objections during your travels. Switching to travel vape pens is the best way to participate in all of the holiday action without having to take outside breaks. The good news is you can purchase pre-filled cartridges with just about any flavor for your vaping travel needs!

This holiday, enjoy all of your favorite flavors in vapor form and make sure to share with your friends! From our delicious e-juice flavors full of cinnamon, spices, and traditional holiday treats, to our warm holiday beverage vapes, there is something for everybody. Don’t forget to buy your holiday vape products in travel-ready packaging such as cartridges and travel vape pens for a more stress-free holiday season. Don’t worry about carrying full bottles of e-liquid through security at the airport. Just stick with the vape basics, and you’ll be just fine.

Stop by VaporFi today to see the full selection!

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