If you’ve reached a point in your vaping experience where you’re ready to take things to the next level, it might be time to start building your own devices from scratch. Working with rebuildable atomizers, also referred to in shorthand as RBAs, is a fun way to challenge yourself to become a more knowledgeable, hands-on vaper. You’ll be able to design and create a setup that fits your exact specifications, allowing you to have full control over your vape experience from beginning to end. Many vapers enjoy the time and effort they put into the building process, thinking of it as an enhancement of the vaping hobby as a whole.

Whether you’re already an experienced builder or just now thinking about making the switch, it never hurts to learn as much as possible about the process and the products and tools available. The VaporFi team is always happy to help vapers make the most of their vape experience through DIY building, which is why we’ve put together this handy guide to the world of RTAs.

What is an RTA?

When you’re talking about Rebuildable Atomizers (RBAs), there are two main types of devices to consider: RTAs and RDAs. An RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) is a tank system and an RDA (Rebuildable Drip Atomizer) is a dripper system. Both are used in the process of building your own coils from scratch, offering a wide range of build options to suit your personal preferences. Depending on who you’re talking to, you might hear both terms (plus more) used somewhat interchangeably.

Usually, an RTA is categorized as having the following characteristics:

  • An RBA deck that allows for one or two coils (or more)
  • A deck located in the middle of or underneath the tank
  • A unique “chimney and bell” system that extends to the drip tip and covers the full deck

What are the Benefits of an RTA?

The main benefit of creating your coils is the ability to completely customize your resistance level. Although many vapers now utilize “drop in coils” that match their preferred resistance level, these coil options are a fairly new arrival to the vape market. Before they debuted, vapers had to use RTAs and RDAs to calibrate their vape.

Today, many vapers still stick with building their own coils, for a few different reasons. Purists consider it the ideal way to design their perfect vape experience, while others see it as a smart, budget-friendly option for a personalized vape. RTAs, in particular, are popular with e-liquid flavor connoisseurs, many of which praise the heightened flavor they experience with an RTA.

Top RTAs of 2019

Ready to make the switch to a high-quality RTA? The VaporFi team has done all the research for you to find the year’s hottest RTAs that are definite contenders for any vaper. Here are our top picks for the best RTAs of 2019:

Wotofo x MrJustRight1 x The Vapor Chronicles Profile Unity 25mm RTA
Wotofo x MrJustRight1 x The Vapor Chronicles Profile Unity 25mm RTA

1. Wotofo Profile Unity RTA 25mm

The Wotofo Profile Unity RTA 25mm is designed to raise the bar for RTAs, offering a great mix of benefits that simply can’t be beaten. The nexMesh Mesh coils provide an incredibly smooth, pure flavor, to change the way you think about vaping. Adjustable airflow and PEEK insulator are among the other notable features, as is the generous e-juice capacity that’s comparable with a standard tank.


Vandy Vape Revolver RTA Vape Tank
Vandy Vape Revolver RTA Vape Tank

2. Vandy Vape Revolver RTA Vape Tank

If you’re an advanced vaper with high-performance expectations, the Vandy Vape Revolver RTA won’t disappoint. Made from premium stainless steel and measuring 25mm in diameter, the Revolver is built for durability, aesthetics, and functionality. The single-coil rebuildable structure makes the building process extra enjoyable, with features like the bottom-feeding pin and glass tube sections allowing flexible personalization.



GeekVape Zeus Dual RTA Vape Tank
GeekVape Zeus Dual RTA Vape Tank

3. GeekVape Zeus Dual RTA Vape Tank

With a near-limitless list of innovative features and thoughtful design elements, the GeekVape Zeus Dual RTA Vape Tank is a must for any discerning vaper. The precision-level airflow system delivers astounding cloud production, while the efficient wicking system provides smooth, delicious draws every time. The generously-sized deck has four terminals and postless design for fuss-free construction, letting you get as creative as you’d like with your vape set-up.



GeekVape Creed 6.5ml RTA Vape Tank
GeekVape Creed 6.5ml RTA Vape Tank

4. GeekVape Creed 6.5ml RTA Vape Tank

At first glance, the GeekVape Creed 6.5mL RTA commands respect with its exceptional visual design, making a serious impression with its sleek stainless-steel construction and stunning aesthetics. This RTA proves that its beauty is more than just skin deep, boasting a spacious, two-build post deck with oversized terminal openings. Experiment with a variety of coil builds and make the most of your vape creativity, personalizing your vape experience with the interchangeable airflow system. Choose between the standard 4.5mL capacity or swap it out for the bulbous glass, bumping up your e-juice capacity to a jaw-dropping 6.5mL.


OFRF Gear RTA 24mm Rebuildable Tank Atomizer
OFRF Gear RTA 24mm Rebuildable Tank Atomizer

5. OFRF Gear RTA 24mm Rebuildable Tank Atomizer

The OFRF Gear RTA 24mm RTA is a great fit for the vaper that prioritizes both an easy build and impeccable vape experience. The compact design keeps things pleasantly simple, allowing for a hassle-free installation that saves you time and frustration. The OFRF Gear RTA is intended for single coil builds, featuring the added benefit of short air passage and domed chamber. Despite its no-frills design, this high-quality RTA promises exceptional flavor quality and generous vapor production, providing you with the satisfying vape experience you deserve.


How to Build a Coil for Your RTA

Ready to jump into the RTA world with both feet? First, you’ll need a quick crash course in coil building, so we’ve put together a short and sweet guide that breaks down why you should build your own vape coils, what supplies you’ll need, and how to build coils for an RTA.

Why Build Vape Coils?

One of the biggest benefits of making the switch to the RTA way of vaping is the ability to completely control your vape experience by DIYing your own coil builds. For many vapers, the coil build process adds a new dimension of enjoyment to the vaping experience, offering the opportunity for creativity and customization. You’ll get to enjoy the fruits of your labor in the form of delicious, fluffy vapor.

Another one of the numerous reasons to make your own vape coils is that the DIY approach can help you save considerable money. Instead of shelling out your hard-earned cash for disposable coil heads every week or so, you can stretch your vape budget further by building your own.

What Supplies Do You Need to Build Vape Coils?

Before you can start crafting your own coils, you’ll need to get yourself set up with a few basic supplies. One of the easiest ways to stock up on coil supplies is to get yourself a good coil building kit. Some rebuildable vape starter kits might come with a handful of supplies, and you always have the option of purchasing supplies a la carte if you prefer.

Here are the basic tools and supplies you’ll need to build your own coils:

  • Resistance wire
  • Ceramic tweezers
  • Flush cutters
  • A small metal rod (coiling tool)
  • Your preferred wicking material (organic cotton is typically recommended)
  • Scissors
  • Hex screwdriver
  • An ohms reader
  • A coil jig (optional but extremely useful)

How Do You Build a Vape Coil for an RTA?

Once you have everything ready to go, the building process can begin. Using your coil jig, determine how large of a coil your RTA will be able to accommodate. You want to avoid building a coil that makes contact with the chimney, so stick with a smaller-diameter build if necessary. If you have a small hand torch, you can oxidize your coil wire to make it easier to work with. Then, begin wrapping the wire around the screwdriver, starting at the end nearest to the handle.

Keeping the wire tight, aim for eight total wraps and avoid overlapping. When you’ve finished the wraps, make sure the leads are facing the same direction. Prepare your RTA for coil installation by loosening the post screws, then position the wire and re-tighten the screws. Use your ohms reader to test for shorts, then secure the leads and carefully wick the cotton. After finalizing the set-up, run one more quick test with the reader to be sure, and you’re ready to enjoy a good vape.

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