Best RDAs [Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers] for 2019

Whether you’re a dedicated dripper, a cloud chaser, or a DIY vaper, RDAs are an excellent option for creating your perfect vape experience. While there are plenty of top-quality, pre-built coil options on the market today, there’s something to be said for building your own according to your personal specifications. For many vapers, making the switch to an RDA opens up a whole new dimension to vaping, adding an enjoyable challenge and precision-level control.

Maybe you’re a longtime RDA fan, or maybe you’re just beginning to consider exploring RDAs as your next vape set-up - whatever the case may be, the VaporFi team is here to tell you everything you need to know about choosing an RDA in 2019. We’ve put together a handy guide to RDA basics, including the benefits of choosing an RDA and our top ten picks for the RDAs that are making a serious impression in 2019.

What is an RDA? 

An RDA is a Rebuildable Drip Atomizer, a DIY device of sorts that falls under the larger umbrella of RBAs (rebuildable atomizers). RDAs are distinguished from other RBAs because they are specifically designed for “dripping,” a vape style that involves manually dripping your vape juice into the tank via a drip tip. Once you drip the juice into the tank, you’ll enjoy two to three puffs of flavorful, fluffy vapor, then repeat the process to continue vaping.

When you choose a rebuildable vape, you’ll be taking the coil building process into your own hands, physically wrapping each coil and attaching it to the build. There are a wide variety of build options, offering different configurations and capabilities depending on your vape style. Before the days of high-performance, drop-in coils, RBAs were the only way to truly customize a vape device and utilize it at lower resistance levels.

Today, despite the widespread availability of drop-in coils, many vapers still choose to build their own. There a few reasons RDAs have maintained their popularity. First and foremost, RDAs are one of the best ways to achieve the giant, voluminous vapor clouds you’ve been dreaming of. With an RDA, you’ll be able to design your coils to fit your exact specifications, perfectly tailoring your vape experience. Additionally, because RDAs are designed to be used with the “dripping” method, you have the option to easily and frequently switch up your vape juice flavors.

Top Ten RDAs of 2019

If you’re on the market for a high-quality RDA that you can count on to deliver an excellent experience, these ten options should be at the top of your list. The VaporFi team has put together a collection of the best RDAs of the year, covering all the biggest brands and a great range of price points.

VaporFi Venom RDA The VaporFi Venom RDA.

1. VaporFi Venom RDA:

Consistently standing as one of our top-rated vape products, the VaporFi Venom RDA is a highly-capable buildable tank that will exceed expectations. You’ll be able to create a wide variety of custom build designs, utilizing the large Velocity deck and dual-post configuration for low-ohm builds. The large adjustable airflow ring puts a smooth, flavor-rich vape within easy reach, and the Venom is compatible with both Temperature Control and Variable Wattage modes. As a fun design touch, the Venom changes colors when you vape above 80 watts.

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Augvape DRUGA RDA Clamp Snap System 24mm The Augvape DRUGA RDA Clamp Snap System 24mm.

2. Augvape DRUGA RDA Clamp Snap System 24mm:

The Augvape DRUGA RDA is visually stunning, featuring a 24 karat-plated build deck and four vibrant color options. You’ll quickly discover that the DRUGA has more than just good looks; it more than measures up performance-wise as well. With its innovative clamp snap system, Augvape has created an incredibly user-friendly RDA, eliminating the hassle often associated with building and making precision-level handling possible. Dedicated positive and negative posts make coil swaps quick and easy, and precision cooling and optimal airflow create a deliciously flavorful, silky-smooth draw.

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Augvape Templar 24mm BF RDA Vape Tank The Augvape Templar 24mm BF RDA Vape Tank.

3. Augvape Templar 24mm BF RDA Vape Tank:

Another 24K gold-plated creation by Augvape, the Templar 24mm BF RDA continues the brand’s well-respected legacy. The deck and base deliver optimal conductivity, setting you up for easy building with the velocity clamp snag system and two-post build deck. One of the most notable features of the Templar is its carefully crafted airflow system, with air slots measuring 1mm x 3mm and 2mm x 1mm. These slots put airflow control entirely in your hands, making adjustments simple with a top air cap. You’ll also have your choice between pairing your Templar with a Delrin drip tip or a frosted top cap.

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Dead Rabbit RDA by Hellvape & Heathen The Dead Rabbit RDA by Hellvape & Heathen.

4. Dead Rabbit RDA by Hellvape & Heathen:

The Dead Rabbit RDA is a collaborative creation between Hellvape and Heathen, specifically designed to deliver next-level flavor and unbelievable vapor production and particularly satisfying direct-to-lung vapers. You can craft large, imaginative builds on the spacious, 24mm build deck, complete with 4 posts and compatible with both single and dual coils. Side adjustable airflow and a no-leak design guarantee a customized, fuss-free vape, while an optional squonk pin allows you to pair the RDA with a squonk mod of your choosing.

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Vandy Vape Bonza RDA Vape Tank The Vandy Vape Bonza RDA Vape Tank.

5. Vandy Vape Bonza RDA Vape Tank:

The Vandy Vape Bonza RDA is a joint effort by Vaping Bogan and Vandy Vape, offering both novice and veteran builders a user-friendly, high-performance option. Every aspect of this RDA was created with usability in mind, from the deck-mounted fixed screw clamps to the hex screw terminals. No matter what coil type you choose, you’ll be able to successfully create large-scale builds that perform impeccably well. A direct-to-coil chamber effect produces generously-sized, flavorful clouds, delivered in smooth, delicious draws. In addition to excellent drip sessions, you can use the included squonk pin to change up your vape experience.

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Recoil Rebel RDA The Recoil Rebel RDA.

6. Recoil Rebel RDA by Grimm Green x OhmBoyOC:

Designed for extended-use dripping, the Recoil Rebel RDA is a stunning build deck capable of accommodating the large-scale build you’ve always wanted to create. Not only will you enjoy sizable vapor clouds with the Recoil Rebel RDA, but you’ll also notice a new level of pure, unadulterated flavor when it comes to your favorite e-liquids. This RDA utilizes two separate barrels, so you can either aim for increased vapor production or intensified flavor, without sacrificing overall quality.

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iJoy Combo SRDA-CE Pre-Built Vape Coils The iJoy Combo SRDA-CE Pre-Built Vape Coils.

7. iJoy Combo SRDA-CE Pre-Built Vape Coils (3-Pack):

Looking for a pre-built coil that can live up to your sky-high expectations? The iJoy Combo SRDA-CE Pre-Built Coils are a premium option that won’t disappoint. Created specifically for use with the iJoy Combo SRDA, these coils are a quality option to have on hand, available for those days when you just want to save yourself build time and effort. Measuring at 0.13-ohm resistance, the SRDA-CE coils are ideal for achieving the optimal balance of flavor and cloud production. Your e-juice’s pure flavor will truly shine with the Japanese organic cotton contained in these fully rewickable coils.

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Goon V1.5 RDA by 528 Custom Vapes The Goon V1.5 RDA by 528 Custom Vapes.

8. Goon V1.5 RDA by 528 Custom Vapes:

Invest in a top-tier RDA with the Goon V1.5 by 528 Custom Vapes, an evolution of the original, much-loved Goon RDA design. By eliminating many of the frustrating issues that commonly come with RDAs, this product defies expectations across the board. The Goon V1.5 was created to perform at high wattages and run on higher-VG liquids, utilizing a 7mm juice well and a 2 mL standard tank (with a 4 mL upgrade option). You’ll be relishing in the smooth, flavorful draws made possible by the 12mm x 3mm air slots and the deep flavor created by the top-airflow design.

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Wismec Luxotic BF Vape Starter Kit with Tobhino RDA The Wismec Luxotic BF Vape Starter Kit with Tobhino RDA.

9. Wismec Luxotic BF Vape Starter Kit w/ Tobhino RDA:

The Wismec Luxotic BF Vape Starter Kit is an ideal option for the vaper who just got into the world of RDAs, providing a budget-friendly, easy-to-use set-up. The mod is a high-performance device that has the ability to regulate power output based on the current state of the battery, further maximizing efficiency with the advanced proprietary chipset. The starter kit includes the remarkable Tobhino RDA, a 22mm, squonk-friendly design with a 2-post (single terminal) build deck, dual adjustable air slots, and versatile drip tip options.

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10. Drop Dead RDA 24mm by Hellvape x Heathen x TVC:

Boasting a 4-post design, 5mm juice well, and gold-plated positive posts, the Drop Dead RDA 24mm is everything you’ve always wanted in a high-performing RDA. This collaborative design brings together the genius of Hell Vape, Vapin’ Heathen, and The Vapor Chronicles, resulting in a game-changing RDA that makes the build process enjoyable and easy. Drop your coil right into the center and snip as needed - no frustrating installation experiences here.

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