Deal of the Week: Mini-Sized Awesomeness with the iCare Mini!

This week, the Deal of the Week is coming at you with a force! Get ready for the simplicity and easy vaping of the Eleaf iCare Mini Starter Kit. Bringing excellent savings and a whole lot of enjoyment, this is a deal not to be missed. Normally priced at $24.95, this week, you can score this amazing starter kit for just $19.99!

icare mini deal of the week

The Eleaf iCare Mini Starter Kit was founded on the premise of easy usage and total convenience. While it was designed to be the premier device for those aiming to switch to vaping, or for those after a simplified experience that replicates the experience of smoking cigarettes, this vaporizer does that and so much more. It has become a go-to device for vapers of all levels, offering simplicity and a damn fine vape in the process.

What makes the Eleaf iCare Mini so remarkable is that it provides a very comfortable, very rich mouth-to-lung experience, which is what makes it work so well for those used to traditional cigarettes. The iCare Mini is a simplified all-in-one device, which combines the battery and tank into a single unit. As a "mini" device, you get the benefit of an even smaller, more compact size as opposed to the standard size, which makes it perfect for portability and travel. For beginner vapers, the basic setup is the way to go, and this mini size is ideal in just about every situation.

The Eleaf iCare Mini is powered by a 320 mAh battery, which is built-in for added convenience. This battery, combined with the included IC 1.1ohm Coil, deliver a great amount of vapor production and a maximum of 15 watts. The device’s top fill tank adds to the overall easiness, as it keeps things clean without a fuss. To hit the iCare Mini, simply inhale on the drip tip, and you will achieve a substantial, satisfying hit with minimal effort to fire it. An LED display offers a clear view of your stats and battery level at all times. As a starter kit, this setup includes an Eleaf iCare portable charging case, which was designed to keep your life as easy as possible. This charger allows for fast, outlet-free charging anytime, and it’s a total must-have if you’re vaping with the iCare Mini. A variety of color options are available for the iCare Mini, which gives you the option to have some personalization as well.

The Eleaf iCare Mini Starter Kit comes with:

  • 1 - Eleaf iCare Mini All-in-One Device
  • 1 - IC 1.1ohm Coil
  • 1 - Eleaf Portable Charging Case
  • 1 - USB Cable

Overall, the Eleaf iCare Mini Starter Kit is one of the most versatile vape setups, especially in the beginner category. In performance, the iCare Mini rocks. It offers a very comfortable hit, with just enough power to pack a solid hit, without getting too complicated or over the top. It’s satisfying and seriously fun. For beginners, the curious, or the enthusiast in need of a simple on-the-go vape, the iCare Mini has your name written all over it. It gets the job done well while allowing you to enjoy the process. Minimal effort, maximum satisfaction. This week, you get the chance to own this setup for an amazing price, so we suggest you get on it! Big savings with our Deal of the Week will have you vaping happily and enjoying the simplicity; vape on, friends!

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