Everything You Need to Know About Vaporesso Gen S

The Vaporesso Gen S kit is a recently released upgrade of the Vaporesso Gen. It’s a high powered device featuring the new NRG-S tank, and a super sexy look available in twelve different colors. By the time you’re done reading this, the chances are high that you’ll be wanting to snatch it for yourself. Read on to learn more about this new, standout box mod from Vaporesso. 

Vaporesso Brand 

If you’re new to the Vaporesso brand, you should know that they are market leaders in inventiveness, creativity, and design breakthroughs. In the vaping industry for 13 years now, they own over 800 patents including their ceramic heating elements, child protection features, and e-cigarette control and detection abilities. 

Now, on to the Gen S.

Vaporesso Gen S

The Vaporesso Gen S mod is a powerful device serving you rich flavor and thick vapor production with every hit. It has a user-friendly operating system and tons of modes. Let’s take a closer look at its features, function, and design. 

Battery and AXON Chip

The Gen S mod has dual 18650 external batteries that have a fast charging current of 2.5 A - the battery fully charges in 60 minutes. Its output power is an impressive 5 - 220 w. 

The Gen S also features Vaporesso’s newest chipset, the AXON chip. The AXON chip boosts the coil every .02 seconds and its pulse mode gives 27% more flavor and cloud satisfaction. It also supports long battery endurance and smart, accurate temperature control.


If you purchase the Vaporesso Gen S kit, you’ll receive one GT4 meshed coil and one GT meshed coil. Both coils feature upgraded mesh technology which improves the cotton’s e-juice absorption. The coils also have high heating capabilities. With resistance ranging from 0.03 - 5 ohms, these coils produce consistent, robust flavor. 

Although the kit comes with the GT4 and the GT meshed coils, the NRG-S tank is compatible with all Vaporesso GT coils. 

NRG-S Tank

The NRG-S tank included in the Gen S starter kit is new and super easy to use. It’s very easy to unscrew to replace coils and its structure allows for mess-free e-juice refilling. It’s also very large in size - its base diameter measures 25.5 mm and it holds an impressive 8 ml of juice. 

Additionally, there are two, big airflow slots that are adjustable to your preference.

Structure and Design

The Gen S box mod looks great and literally feels great in your hand. It has a soft-touch, rubber coating that’s fingerprint-resistant so your device isn’t covered in smudges. 

When compared to other box mods, its size can be considered average at 145 mm tall, 53 mm long, and 30 mm thick. It is, however, surprisingly lightweight for a dual battery box mod. 

It has a .91’ OLED screen that shows a clear, bright image. The screen is the same size as on the original Gen. 

One of the most fun parts of enjoying your Vaporesso Gen S is selecting the color. Choose from 12 distinct looks, from rose gold to a black-green fade. 

Rave Reviews 

Users are raving about the Gen S superior performance, wattage range, and great temperature control. It also has an impressive amount of modes and customizations for being so lightweight.  And you’re sure to impress your friends with the exterior design color that best expresses you. 

Vaporesso Gen S 220w Kit

You may want to consider purchasing a Vaporesso Gen S 220w kit so you can have all the pieces and parts you’ll need for a seamless vaping experience. Here’s what the kit includes:

  • 1 Gen S mod
  • 1 NRG-S tank, 8ml
  • 1 GT4 meshed coil
  • 1 GT meshed coil
  • 1 extra glass tube, 5ml
  • 4 O-rings
  • 1 micro USB cable
  • 1 user manual
  • 1 warranty card

VaporFi for Vaporesso

If you’re in the market for a new box mod, the Gen S could be the perfect pick for you. With its stellar design, powerful performance, and functional, high capacity NRG-S tank, the Gen S mod will not let you down.

Shop for the Vaporesso Gen S kit and for other high-quality Vaporesso items on VaporFi today!