vf_rocket_starter_kit_blackIf you are into alternative cigarette products you’re probably aware of advanced vaporizers, otherwise known as mods. Regardless of what your opinion of them is, especially if you’re still using basic e-cigarettes, they have become insanely popular over the past few years. Nowadays, in fact, those who consider themselves serious vapers, or enthusiasts, are way more into vaporizers, and are done using basic products.

So if you’re on the fence about using a mod, here’s a look at why they are amazing. While they might seem to be just expensive gadgets, high-end vaporizers do way more than look like space-age smoking pens.

First things first, let’s get the fundamentals down. Vaporizers are built very similar to e-cigs, only with much larger, more advanced parts. They essentially work the same way: with a battery for power, a tank that holds the liquid, an atomizer that vaporizes the liquid, and a mouthpiece where the puffing is done from.

The advantages of these innovative devices lie in the vaporizers’ ability to hold a large quantity of liquid, having a much more powerful battery, and being able to customize each device in a variety of ways to suite your personal preferences. Holding more liquid means the user will have to replace it less often, and can vape heavier amounts more often. A more powerful battery allows for more power when vaporizing the liquid, resulting in larger hits of vapor and nicotine. It basically comes down to greater intensity and higher performance.

There is also a great benefit to using e-liquids as well because they come in a great range of flavors (50+), and they can be custom blended in up to 30,000 different possibilities. So if flavor options are something you’re interested in, they’re practically endless.

Advanced personal vaporizers are all about advanced personal customizing your smoking device.  They give you many advanced options for creating exactly the experience you want from your vaporizer. More or less vapor, more power/ less power, bigger or smaller tanks, all in a variety of different pen styles. Customizing is a huge deal to those who are really into vaping, and having things work exactly how you want them to takes the experience from just a way to get nicotine to something highly pleasurable.

While the price of vaporizers might scare some smokers and e-cigarette users off, in this market you pay for what you get. High-end devices usually mean high-performance, exceptional design, and top quality.  Luckily for you if you’re purchasing a high-end vaporizer from VaporFi, you are getting only the best machines around, and at the best prices.
Mods are a lot more than just fancy gadgets that produce nicotine vapor; they offer an amazing experience, allowing you to enjoy your electronic smoking on so many levels!