The Best Batteries for Vaping

Vaping is when an individual uses an e-cigarette. An e-cigarette is a device which is electronic in nature and mimics the act of smoking tobacco. Vaping is as common as smoking these days. Because it is something which is fairly new, more and more people are willing and open to try it to confirm whether it has the same effect as smoking a real cigarette. VaporFi is one of the leading companies today which are trying to change the manner in which you smoke. Vaping is targeted to individuals who are willing to try this new way of smoking while embracing modern day technology.

vape batteries

Battery Brands

A vaping device or an e-cig is usually powered by a rechargeable pen vape battery. This ensures that you can be able to vape conveniently on the go without the use of matchsticks or lighters. The batteries that are offered by VaporFi are tailored to fit every specific device.

VaporFI displays its technological prowess especially when it comes to their battery technology. VaporFi guarantees the best vape battery on the market which has been made to perform well, to be flexible and safe. There are various battery brands suitable for use in vaping such as the Samsung 30Q, LG HE2, and the Sony VTC5.

Battery Capacity

The Samsung 30Q has a battery capacity of 3000mAh, the Sony VTC5 has a capacity of 2600mAh and the LG HE2 has a capacity of 3500mAh. The battery capacities are suited to fulfill the specific needs of each vaping device.


VaporFi is confident in their batteries because they are of high quality and all this power is packaged in a little pack which is very tidy and built to last. VaporFi has put a lot of resources in place to ensure that all the needs of their clients are considered and the vaping devices come with batteries which continually deliver to their expectation.

The voltage of the Samsung 30Q, Sony VTC5, and LG H2 all have a voltage of 20A. The vape pen batteries are designed to hold various capacities which are convenient to maintain the various vaping devices for prolonged use before needing to be recharged. VaporFi makes customized vape batteries which are made to fulfill its users’ needs.


The best vape mod battery is made to maintain temperatures which are normal. This ensures that the battery does not overheat or easily get damaged and cause a lot of damage to the vaping device. The batteries made by VaporFi are customized to ensure that they satisfy the voltage needs of each vaping device. They are of good quality and can be relied upon in any setting to ensure that your vaping experience is always a smooth one.

When using your vape, a good battery makes all the difference. You want something trustworthy and long lasting for your electronic cigarette because once the power goes out, your vape might as well be a paperweight. VaporFi has a wide selection of batteries for all your needs and at reasonable prices.

vape batteries

Best Vaping Batteries for 2018

Rebel Standard- Capacity Battery

This battery may say standard but it’s a powerhouse. It gives users more control with adjustable voltage. This 650mAh battery has a 4A Output and short circuit protection. All wrapped in a stainless-steel body. Compatible with the VaporFi Rebel and Rebel II body.

VaporFi High -Capacity 18650 35A

This superior vape battery is known for high performance. With an attractive outer shell, there’s not much more you could want but it delivers more than good looks. It is a 35A 2500mAh battery and works best with the VOX. It’s long lasting so perfect for those who don’t have time for constant chargers. Available in a single or double pack.

Samsung 30Q INR18650

This battery is very similar to the VaporFi High-Capacity 18650 batteries with a slightly higher mAh at 3000. It will last a long time. It’s well made and reliable. It’s a great choice for those who are using vape mods and are looking for something to carry them throughout the day. Available in a double pack.

VaporFi High Capacity 18650 20A

This high drain battery has a 20-amp constant current and offers 3000mAh. It is compatible with a wide range of mods and products making it a versatile choice. It works for a variety of brands and Mods while offering the same high performance of the 35A version. Comes in a single or double pack.

VaporFi Express Battery

This battery has two sizes, standard and high capacity. Although these are small, both batteries offer the same high standards that our full-size models give. The standard battery has 180mAh while the high capacity offers 280mAh. Obviously, the high capacity will give your more puffs per charge but standard version will keep you going just as well.

VaporFi Pro 3 Battery

This vape is designed for people who are ready to stop smoking. It doesn’t have the longest battery life with only 1000mAh but with less puffs, it will likely last a bit longer than some of the others. It has overheating and over discharge protection as well as being available in a variety of attractive colors.

These vape batteries are just a few. . .

Whether you need a battery for your vaporizer, VaporFi offers a rich selection for a variety of body types. With high power and long life, we offer some of the best batteries for vaping and will keep you puffing and happy for a long time. Remember to be mindful of battery safety and to replace vape batteries regularly for optimal performance.

vape batteries