Picture this: you’re ready for a good vape session with your SMOK vape, looking forward to the deliciously fluffy clouds of vapor and a few minutes of relaxation. You fill your vaporizer with your favorite vape juice, head to your vape spot of choice, and push the power button to get started. But then, disaster strikes: you can’t turn on your vape pen. There goes your whole day, right? Well, not necessarily.

“How do I turn on a SMOK vape?” might seem like one of the most basic, beginner-level questions in the world of vaping, but it’s actually a pretty common issue that pops up for a range of vapers. Whether it’s your first vape or your 500th, trying to figure out how to unlock a SMOK vape can make you feel like you have no idea what you’re doing. The good news is, you aren’t alone, and there’s definitely no reason to feel silly. We’re here to help you get back to vaping!

Turning on Your SMOK Vape Pen - How to Turn On SMOK Vapes

Learning more about your vaporizer and how it works can help you become a better troubleshooter so that you’re able to tackle issues as they arise. Here’s a quick rundown of how to turn on and unlock your SMOK vape and what to do if you run into a problem.

  • First, after making sure your device is fully charged, locate your device’s main fire button, which also functions as the power on/off button. Most SMOK vapes are button activated with  just a single button, sometimes two or three. If your specific device has more than one button, and you aren’t sure which one is the main fire button, take a quick look at your instruction manual. Most SMOK vapes also have an online manual that you can find with a quick internet search. SMOK vapes have a lock system. This system is a protective measure to ensure that the vaporizer doesn’t misfire while it’s stored in your pocket or purse. Unlock your device, which you can typically do with 5 clicks in rapid succession. Most vapers simply get in the habit of clicking the button rapidly until the indicator light turns on, so you don’t have to literally count out five clicks every time on your push button vape. In addition, make sure the oil cartridge or tank is securely attached.
  • Once your device is unlocked, press the main fire button three times to access the device menu. Your menu may vary slightly depending on your model, but at this point, your mission has been a success: you’ve turned on your vape. Some SMOK devices are also draw activated vapes, so check the manual to determine if inhale activation is an option. 
  • After you’ve enjoyed a good vape session, turn off your SMOK device by accessing the menu system again. Scroll through your options until you reach the power option, which may read “Power On” or something similar. Using the main fire button, change this to read “Power Off.”

Troubleshooting your SMOK Vape

These basic steps should get your SMOK vape up and running and can generally be relied on to work the majority of the time. It is also important to store your vape pen correctly. However, if attempting to unlock your device doesn’t work, and you’re still left staring at a vape device that’s failing to show any sign of life, you can do some quick troubleshooting.

Here are a few common reasons that your SMOK vape won’t turn on:

  • The vape pen battery needs to be charged. Have you charged your vape batteries with a USB charger r recently? You should have a pretty regular charging schedule and make a habit of plugging it in at the same time every day. Make sure that the cord is fully inserted,  and always confirm that the USB light turns on to indicate that the vape device is in charging mode.
  • If the battery is dead, you can push the button a hundred times, but the result will be the same – it won’t turn on. Try charging your device fully, and then make another attempt to power it up.
  • There’s a faulty connection somewhere in your SMOK vape. Whether it’s a bad charger or a firing pin that’s getting stuck, anything that leads to an incomplete electrical connection is going to be an issue. It could be that your firing pin has vape juice on it, or it might not be coming in contact with the charger.
  • If your battery has grime or dust on its connection points, that could be causing the problem as well. Use dry tissue or a cotton swab to gently clean the connection points, and then try the charging process again.

Contact the VaporFi Support Team

SMOK vapes are one of the most reliable types of vapes out there. However, if you still aren’t able to figure out what’s going on with your SMOK vape, the VaporFi support team will be more than happy to help. Contact us to speak with one of our friendly team members and we’ll help you get back on the path to happy vaping as soon as possible.