How to Maintain your Beard While Vaping

Beards. Lots of us have them. Whether rocking the beard as the ultimate fashion statement or a nice, well-groomed way to avoid having to commit to full-on shaving, beards are here to stay! So for those of us who vape, we know how uncomfortable it can be when our liquid gets a little too intimately involved with our beards.

The range of symptoms is plenty; from walking around with an accumulation of liquid permanently stuck to the face to that strange feeling of having a soaking wet beard or mustache, vapers, especially chain vapers are known to experience some pretty strange occurrences when it comes to enjoying the clouds and dealing with the excess. So, how do you maintain your beard when vaping? Here are our tips for doing so with care, class, and hygiene!



One trick some vapers have found that works for producing a less wet vaping experience is to exhale through your nose while doing multiple rips. Furthermore, they suggest trying blowing the exhale downwards or directly straight outwards, instead of protruding the bottom lip to blow the exhale upwards.

Switch up Your Juice


Probably not what you wanted to hear but higher VG liquids can be a bit of nuisance in this regard. So, if your beard is really dealing with a lot of liquid you’re not up for wearing around, we suggest trying a lower VG/ higher PG ratio for your juice.

Drip Tips


A wide bore drip can do wonders for your vaping, regardless of beard status. They offer more control of the liquid and better control of it through the added airflow. Also, make sure you’re keeping your drip tips and caps really really clean, as everything when vaping functions better when clean.

Check Your Wick


If your wick is oversaturated, you may end up dealing with an excess of liquid that has no place to go but outwards… which is why it lands on the closest available surface, (your beard) due to gravity. So, if you have a feeling this may be the culprit, check your wicks. Yeah, we know, physics.



Here is another science lesson for you: consider your beard to be a magnet for condensation. Lots of vapor is going to equate to some condensation, and it’s most likely going to end up on your face. Not pleasant, but you may want to tone down the intensity of your vaping, the amount of vapor you’re producing as a result of your VG level, or your particular sub ohm set up if you think it’s just going too far. This is entirely a personal decision and matter of opinion, so adjust wherever it suits you!

Deal With It


Yup, this was not something you probably wanted to hear, but it’s the truth. At some point, you’re just going to have to deal with the fact that there’s little you can do besides tweaking all of the above! On the bright side, one of the positives to dealing with the splatter and mist is that it’s full-on evidence that you’re not getting dry hits!

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So there you have it: troubleshooting for when vaping starts messing with your beard. There is no single direction for fixing the problem of e-liquid flying into your beard because it can be caused by so many things, and can often be an issue not even worth your effort in correcting if you have little patience. So, give these options a try. We wish you the best of luck, and if we missed anything, feel free to let us know! Beards and vaping can be best buds; even if it takes a little extra grooming!

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