Innokin Z80 Coolfire Zenith II Starter Kit Review

There have been many sea-changes in the world of vaping technology since the industry’s rise in popularity about a decade ago. Like any field of tech, earlier versions of vapes were clunkier and less refined than their modern counterparts. Box mods have been prized for their ability to deliver powerful performance, versatility, and gigantic puffy clouds. However, a drawback historically has always been their bulkiness and unwieldiness, making them difficult for on-the-go vapers to handle. However, innovative vape device manufacturer Innokin has solved this dilemma. Enter the Innokin Z80 Coolfire Zenith II Starter Kit. This fantastic mod packs all the premium features the most discerning vapers look for into an elegant, slimmed-down package. We put this sleek box mod to the test, here’s what we found out...

Construction / Appearance

The first thing you’ll notice about the Z80 Coolfire is its compact form factor. It measures in at just 83.55 x 38.30 x 27.60mm, which is incredibly sleek for a box mod. The Z80 is made to be your companion, wherever the day takes you! This vape may be slender for a box mod, but it also sports a rugged zinc-alloy chassis, ensuring the ability to handle bumps along the way. This vape is also gorgeous, coming in a variety of classy and futuristic colorways, including luxurious leather designs that feel amazing in the hand. The Z80’s striking appearance is pushed to the next level by the epic display screen which is as beautiful as it is functional, showing you all the crucial vape stats you need to know. 

Power / Operation

Now let’s get into the nitty gritty details of the Z80. Like its name suggests, this box mod delivers between 6-80 watts of power, driven by a single high-amp 18650 Battery. This setup ensures longer sessions and fewer breaks for rechanging. However, when you do need to recharge, the Type-C microUSB port makes it fast and convenient. The firing button and two ergonomically-positioned adjustment buttons make regulating your output and session pace exceedingly intuitive. However, the real star of the show in terms of the Z80’s power system lies in its cutting-edge F0 technology which sends alternating currents through the 18650 battery. This results in incredible nuance in the flavor of your sessions, just fill the tank up with your favorite e-liquid and fire the Z80 up! 

Speaking of tanks, the Z80 Starter Kit comes with the incredible Zenith II tank. Boasting an epic 5.5mL e-liquid capacity with the included high-quality glassy tube, you’ll be in cloud chasing heaven! The Zenith II is also compatible with the entire range of Innokin Z-coils, allowing you to custom-tailor your experience with ease.  

Vapor Production / Experience

Ok, now the rubber hits the road, what is the Z80 like in use? Well, being a generously-powered box mod, this device performed extremely well with higher-VG vape juices. We were able to attain epic clouds due to this fact as well as the high capacity Zenith II tank. We were also able to maintain amazing flavor due to the F0 alternating current system and the precision of the adjustment buttons. If you’re looking for a device that is more compatible with higher PG e-liquids and nic salts you might want to look elsewhere, but this device comes out on top for those seeking a pro-level direct-lung mod vape experience. 


All-in-all the Innokin Z80 is a category killer. It manages to fit all of the premium features you’d expect from a luxury box mod - such as power output, customization, and juice capacity - into a smaller form factor that’s ready to travel anywhere. Vapers shouldn’t have to make compromises when they upgrade their rigs. With the Innokin Z80 Zenith II Starter Kit, you can have your box mod cake and eat it too!