Ladies and gentlemen, we’d like to introduce a wildly exciting new product. We are always into shaking the industry up a bit, and we expect to do just that with this revolutionary little item. Small in size, but boy, what it will do for the vapor production when attached to your mod… expect the unexpected, and be prepare to enjoy hurricane-level clouds. It’s that intense. Without further adieu, get ready for the launch of the all-new, redesigned VaporFi Volt 2 Hybrid Tank, a stunning re-envisioning of the original Volt tank!

By definition, a hybrid tank fits a few different purposes, and it was meant to combine attributes from two specific other breeds of tanks, and designing a new rendition based on these “best of both worlds” qualities. Enter the Volt 2 Hybrid, a dream for mouth to lung and direct to lung vapers. This beauty has been conceptualized on the premise of combining many of the features most advanced vapers are after – like having a sizable tank for holding vape juice, and offering eloquently-designed airflow control. It was made to offer a seamless experience, with minimal effort needed to achieve massive clouds, superior flavor, and the smoothest hits ever. The result is phenomenal, hard-working, reliable, and for those in search of a truly high-brow experience, it has officially arrived.

The Volt 2 Tank was created to make refills a total breeze with its top fill design, allowing a very fast, very clean, very efficient process, because we know you have no time for dabbling with your tank when you need it to be ready to go. At 4 ml in size, you get the benefit of less refilling and more vaping; we know you need your products to go the distance!

The redesigned Volt 2 Hybrid Tank is a 22mm vape tank that offers some pretty fine performance specs, such as the adjustable airflow ring, which offers the ability to set your airflow exactly where you want it, and to enable you to achieve some of the most deliciously potent flavor and the smoothest vapor production imaginable, which equates to mad satisfaction.

The atomizers on the Volt 2 Tank are also seriously so worth mention; they are what is directly responsible for all that flavor and the mega cloud hits, and really makes this hybrid tank shine. These coils are made of top quality stainless steel, and then precision-wrapped with kanthal wire and the most absorbent core of Japanese organic cotton. What’s so special about these atty coils is that due to their excellent construction and how they were engineered, they provide equally satisfying hits to both direct to lung vapers, as well as those who prefer the mouth to lung method. The tank is set with a A 0.5 ohm atomizer, which is a great all-around option, giving off decent vapor production and really great flavor. Additionally, a 0.15 ohm Nickel atomizer is included with it, and this allows you to switch things up in the performance, and go for temperature control mode if you’d like. The 0.15 ohm atomizer is excellent for going low resistance, and it also helps to conserve battery power in the process, while giving you the boost you need to hit some pretty high levels of clouds.

The all-new, redesigned VaporFi Volt 2 hybrid tank is also compatible with all the atomizers of the original Volt series, including the first version’s 1.5 ohm replacement coil head as well as the original Volt Clapton coil, if you choose.

Pretty incredible high-performance tank, isn’t it? If you’re aiming for a high level of performance from a tank that utilizes a variety of options to increase your vaping performance, let the Volt 2 Hybrid Tank make this a reality in your vape life! Now available and ready to take your vaping to a new level of awesome, with huge vapor production, and excellent flavor capacity, get yourself a Volt 2 tank and feel the power!

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