You may have heard some chatter in vape forums about the differences between regulated and unregulated mods. For most vapers, regulated vape mods are really the only kind of devices that are readily available. While there are some people who choose to stick to unregulated devices, the industry has shown that regulated mods provide a number of safety and practical features that are worth having.

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What is a Regulated Mod?

A regulated mod is basically any device that has a circuit board controlling the functions. This includes all variable wattage and variable voltage devices. It also includes basic cig-a-like devices. The circuit board within a regulated device controls power flow and usually has built-in safety mechanisms to protect the device from overheating, short circuiting and more. Most people choose to go with a regulated mod because they are readily available in vape shops and can be used predictably with good results.

What is an Unregulated Mod?

An unregulated mod, or a mechanical mod, is usually a coil wired directly to a battery. In this case, there is no additional circuitry, no controls or screen to make adjustments. The benefits of using an unregulated mod largely depend on your ability to customize the build to your liking by doing your own research.

Why Choose One Over the Other?

For most people, a regulated mod is the way to go. Building an unregulated mod requires a deep understanding of how circuits and power work. Mainstream manufacturers rely on regulated devices for safety and efficiency. With built-in protections, the vapor industry has reached a point where vapor devices are generally seen as safe for use without the risk of malfunctions or battery issues such as those seen in the early years.

The added circuitry found in a regulated device acts to improve efficiency and extend battery life, making them more practical for people to use day in and day out. The addition of digital screen readouts and simple standardized charging points has made vape devices accessible to more people and easier to learn.


Another important thing to consider is how the vape industry itself is being regulated. The government has taken a special interest in regulating vapor devices. After a series of device failures from cheap manufacturers and concerns raised due to consumer misuse, all eyes have been on the vapor industry to set the bar higher with safety features that keep vapers safe. Further testing and documentation will likely be needed in the future for devices making their way onto the market.

VaporFi is doing its part to lead the way regardless of what the government may require, because delivering a quality, safe experience for the vaping community is our priority. That’s why we offer a wide range of regulated mods for vapers of all levels. From entry-level devices to high-end temperature control options, we have everything you need to safely vape with ease.

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