vz_starter_kit_rebel_07_1When it comes to advanced vaporizers and their accompanying accessories, one of the most common (yet confusing) terms that gets tossed around is “coils.”

What coils refer to is the heating mechanism within the atomizer, cartomizer, or clearomizer. Every device made to hold e-liquid has a coil configuration, and regardless of what kind or style it is, it will be either a single or dual coil. Heating coils are looped resistance heating alloy wire, and in a single, you have one coil, and in a dual there are two. As you are probably aware, there are endless varieties of tanks, but what it all comes down to is either one or two coils.

Which is better: Single or Dual?

Like anything, it’s all about your personal preference. Both configurations are good, they both have advantages and disadvantages, and depending on what you want from the performance, one will suit your tastes better. The following are the pros and cons of each type.

Single Coil:

1 coil, with one end connected to a positive-charged terminal, the other end connected to a negative-charged terminal. The e-cigarette battery sends a charge of electricity to the coil, which heats the e-liquid until vaporization.

Single Coil Pros:

  • Uses 10-30% less power than dual coils.
  • Burns e-liquid at a slower pace, allowing liquid to last longer.
  • It’s easier to rebuild single coils than dual coils.

Single Coil Cons:

  • Less powerful vapor production.
  • Take longer to heat.

Dual Coil:

Very much like single coil setups, dual coils work the same, only there are two coils doing the action. With these configurations, the wattage gets evenly distributed between the coils, allowing your vaporizer double the heating power, and double the vapor production (in theory).

Dual Coil Pros:

  • Due to the power of two coils, there is more contact between the e-liquid and the coils, resulting in warmer, more powerful, higher volumes of vapor.
  • Less waiting time; two coils heat faster than one, so they vaporize the liquid in half the time as single coil setups.

Dual Coil Cons:

  • The power of two coils working harder causes the battery to drain faster.
  • More vaporization means you go through juice faster.
  • Dual coils are harder to rebuild.

To put it simply, what coil configuration comes down to is whether you want more battery life or more intense vapor production. Both are great, but what do you want? Our suggestion is to try both; how else will you know unless you do?