Choosing the right tank can make all the difference when using an advanced personal vaporizer. Yet with all the different varieties, so many choices, and so many designs and styles, how do you choose the most awesome tank?

First of all, you've got to know the difference between vape tanks and figure out what you want because different styles obviously produce different results. Do you know the difference between single and dual?

Tanks can be metal, glass, or plastic. They can be simple or quite fancy looking. They come in different sizes and with different functions, so in actuality they do so much more than hold e-liquid. Tanks are vital to the overall performance of your vape.

Just some FIY; coil refers to the heating element, which is necessary for vaping with any advanced vaporizer. This is the component that heats and vaporizes the e-liquid.

Here's a look at the different styles of tanks and what kind of performance you can expect from them.

Single Coil: A single coil tank has one heating element, or wick. They are easy to use, and can come in various capacities; large and small, and there are plenty to choose from. They are especially great if saving battery power is your thing because they consume less than other types of tanks, because they have only one head. These tanks also consume less e-liquid, which is great for making it last as long as possible. The simpler design makes them easier to work with, which is what many users are after.

Top Picks: Platinum Clearomizer Tank, PRO-L Clearomizer Tank, and the CLEAR Clearomizer Tank

Dual Coil: These tanks have two heating elements, or wicks. Ideal for more advanced users, dual coils are trickier to rebuild. Dual head tanks work exactly the same way as single coil tanks, just having two coils means that e-liquid gets transferred and heated between two coils rather than one. They produce much more vapor, in a much faster amount of time, per hit, than single coils, however they also use more battery power to get there. They are highly favored because they can produce incredibly smooth hits and tremendous flavor.

Top Picks: Titanium Tank, Titan Dual Head Cartomizer Tank, and the Bolt RDA

So that about sums up the basics on single vs dual coil tanks. Can’t pick between them? We suggest trying both to see what type gives you the kind of performance you want!