With a long line of well-respected vape devices, SMOK is a favorite brand of the vaping community – and for good reason. Trademark features of SMOK devices include incredible quality, sleek aesthetics, and smart features that keep vapers in mind. One of the brand’s latest releases is the Resa Stick, a vape pen that manages to check all the boxes in terms of flavor, vapor production, and aesthetics. It’s powerful, stylish, and pretty impressive for a pocket-friendly vape pen, which should come as no surprise considering it’s a SMOK original.

The VaporFi team knew the Resa Stick was a device worth reviewing, so we put together a quick guide to answer all your questions about this great vape pen option.

SMOK Resa Stick Vape Pen Starter Kit w/ Resa Baby Tank
The SMOK Resa Stick Vape Pen Starter Kit w/ Resa Baby Tank

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SMOK Resa Stick: Aesthetic Design

True to the SMOK legacy, the Resa Stick is sleek, attractive, and has a subtle futuristic touch. It incorporates a few high-end visual accents perfectly, allowing your device to stand out without being too over the top. One of the highlights of the SMOK Resa Stick’s aesthetic design is the cobra resin design, with a snakeskin appearance that comes in nine different color options.

Another big plus of the Resa Stick is its perfectly compact size. It clocks in at just over 25mm in diameter and is extremely lightweight, so you can easily take this vape pen on the go. Even though it’s small and light, make no mistake – the Resa Stick is anything but flimsy. Premium stainless-steel construction makes it highly durable, and a spring-loaded 510 connection keeps the pen’s body flush and seamless.

SMOK Resa Stick: User Experience

The SMOK Resa Stick falls firmly in the “high-performance” category of vape pens, but it’s surprisingly effortless to operate. Single-button operation makes vape sessions satisfyingly simple, eliminating complex operating sequences and layered settings menus. Pass-through charging capability and a clear battery indicator are great features that up the convenience of your experience, as is SMOK’s signature safety suite (which includes protection from short-circuiting, too-low resistance levels, low voltage, and more).

SMOK Resa Stick Vape Pen Starter Kit
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SMOK Resa Stick: Performance

Despite the Resa Stick’s compact size, it packs a serious performance punch. It’s a powerful vape pen that produces high-quality flavor and considerable amounts of vapor and will likely satisfy even advanced vapers. SMOK’s innovative coil structure makes use of a mesh design that maximizes surface area, so your e-juice will be evenly heating to perfection. As a result, the Resa Stick is able to create large vapor clouds full of rich, smooth flavor that you’re sure to enjoy.

SMOK includes two coil options in the starter kit: the V8 Baby-Mesh 0.15-ohm coil (pre-installed) and the V8 Baby-M2 0.25-ohm coil. Each coil type offers a uniquely-excellent experience, so having both in the kit makes it easy to experiment to find your vape sweet spot. The device also has a built-in 2000mAh battery – serious power for a petite vape pen – and a “smart” direct voltage output system that can run up to 4.2V.

Is the SMOK Resa Stick Right for You?

There’s no shortage of vape pen options on the market today, but only a handful rise to the top in terms of quality and performance – and the SMOK Resa Stick is definitely one of the few. It’s a widely appealing device for vapers at all experience levels, providing a high-quality experience that raises the bar for flavor quality and vapor production alike. For a relatively reasonable price, you can invest in a long-term vape device that will be reliable and enjoyable for many vape sessions to come.

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