VaporFi Vox 100 TCThe VOX has been one of our flagship designs, offering a tremendous amount of innovation, performance, and really sick style, packaged into one badass box mod. Mods are a dime a dozen nowadays, and there are SO many options available. One thing, however, you will not find across the board is a serious, unwavering commitment to quality. Though with the VOX, that is never a premise that should be questioned because, you will find, it represents everything we stand for, and it will surely impress, regardless of which variation of this monumental device you go after. Here is a look at the three different versions of this well-designed marvel; if you don’t have one, you’re sure going to want one!

Vox Mini 40W Mod

The VOX Mini 40W is pretty rad, and its power level is more than satisfying. So much so, in fact, it’s kind of amazing to think this is the entry-level VOX mod; it gets way more powerful than this! Firing up to 40 watts, boasting a very powerful battery that can last for well over a day with normal use, and a beautifully compact size that does not compromise performance, this is an amazing device to enjoy mod-style vaping with. Definitely not a purchase you’ll regret!

Vox II 50W Mod

A redesigned, revisioned, reinvented version of the original VOX, the VOX II 50 watt offers an exceptional experience, lots of power, and the ability to blast up to 50W! Seriously, no one who has gotten their hands on this device has been unsatisfied with it’s capabilities, unless of course, they are not after A LOT of power, A LOT of vapor, and A LOT force. Yes, it’s intense and designed for the more advanced vaping crowd. For those who are chasing extremes, this is an absolutely amazing option.

Vox 100W TC Mod

Capable of firing as high as 100 watts, the VOX 100 TC Mod is a serious machine designed for those who are well beyond the beginner and intermediate levels of vaping. It offers tremendous power capabilities, powered by a dual Lipo 4500 mAh battery, and a host of protection features, the experience is fantastic and the fun is unstoppable. The temperature control aspect was especially well executed, producing a very smooth hit. This is overall, a masterpiece!