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Vegan Edibles: Are There Vegan Delta-8 Gummies?

If you’re new to the world of THC derivatives, or even if you’ve been around the scene for a while, you’re probably getting more and more familiar with vegan Delta-8 gummies, their increasing popularity, and why having them on shelves is important. While we at VaporFi continue to navigate the world of Delta products, we’re also getting more familiar with vegan Delta-8 and Delta-9 options– and we want you to be, too! While, of course, you can always trust in our collections of Delta flower and concentrates to be vegan-friendly (after all, you don’t have to eat those!), it’s important to know more about vegan edibles. Knowing which items avoid animal byproducts will provide many with the buzz they want, according to the diet guidelines they adhere to. Let’s get into it below. 

Why Delta-8 and Delta-9 Vegan Gummies are Important

While there are tons and tons of edibles on the market, not all of them are vegan. As we continue to barrel into the future of new diets, animal rights, and THC derivatives, navigating the cross-section of these three arenas is crucial to providing the best products and services possible to all of our customers. Vegan edibles help guarantee that animal byproducts weren’t used in the manufacturing of a buzz-worthy treat, and brands like Tre House are here to help keep that promise. Their 400mg Delta-9 CBD jar of peach pear-flavored gummies is a vegan-friendly, gluten-free option that looks and tastes great– and by offering this particular vegan Delta-9 option, we’re hoping to open the gate for even more opportunities in the future. That’s right: VaporFi is staying on the lookout for even more Delta-8 vegan options, so that you won’t ever have to go far to find your favorite flavors and edibles in vegan-friendly form. 

Non-Vegan Delta-8 Gummies to Try

For our non-vegan customers, VaporFi is proud to also offer a huge selection of other goods and treats that will satisfy your soul. If you prefer vegan edibles but still allow for certain types of gelatin or dairy products in your daily Delta regimen, check out some of these in the meantime before we get a new spread of Delta-8 and Delta-9 vegan gummies and goodies: 

  • Tre House Delta 9 CBD Cookie (40mg): With a serving size suggestion of half the cookie, this treat comes straight out of the Tre House bakery and to your doorstep, ready to elevate your chocolate chip experience to new heights. What’s better than weed and cookies at the same time!
  • Just Delta 10 Gummies (1000mg): This 40-pack of 25mg gummies is here to help you feel peachy-keen with some peachy rings! Totaling up to 1000mg, this jar lasts a long time, and is sure to deliver a mellow buzz– and there’s enough to share with everyone!
  • Moonwlkr Delta 8 Gummies (625mg): At its $20.99 pricemark, this jar of 25mg gummy cubes is here to help you relax to the max in flavors like Miranda, Hydra, Hyperion, & more! Pop one of these bad boys in for a guaranteed couple hours’ worth of ultra-chill vibes.
  • Just CBD THC Sour Cola Gummies (16oz): These cola bottles are an instant classic, from their shape to their buzz. These edibles are primarily CBD-driven with just a touch of Delta-9 behind each to offer a little oomph, at 20mg CBD and 6mg Delta-9 per gummy. Enjoy a mellow buzz, and pop two for a little extra kick!

Find Vegan Delta-9 Gummies & More from VaporFi

So, as you continue on your quest for vegan edibles, always be sure to keep VaporFi in mind as we track down the best products to deliver your way. The world of Delta-8 vegan products is still unfolding before us, and we’re eager to find more treats to bring to your doorstep. We encourage you to stay updated with our latest additions, and to give the Delta-9 vegan gummies we have on hand a try! Let our customer support team know what you think, and keep an eye on our ever-evolving selection!