VooPoo Drag S and Drag X: What's The Difference?

Known for their cutting edge design and next-level inventiveness, VooPoo is a standout brand in the vaping industry. Their Drag S and Drag X are two terrific options for vape mods, but you may be wondering, what’s the difference between the two, and which VooPoo Drag starter kit is optimal for me?

Generally speaking, the Drag X is larger than the S, with a greater wattage output. However, the Drag S is sleek and compact, and might be perfect for someone looking for the power of the Drag X but with a bit more portability. 

Keep reading for a further breakdown on these well-loved vape mods from VooPoo.

VooPoo Drag S Pod vs. VooPoo Drag X Pod

The Drag S and X are really quite similar, but there are a few variations that set them apart. Let’s first discuss what they have in common. 

They are both pod-style AIOs with a GENE-TT chipset. They accept 4.5 ml pods and you charge them through a USB type-C port.

They are sturdy devices with an eye-catching leather exterior that creates a great aesthetic but also gives a great hand-feel. The Drag S and X are each available in ten unique color options like Galaxy Blue and Bronze Knight. 

Also, they both have bright, clear screens that display your wattage, voltage, resistance, and battery level - perfect for vapers who like to keep a close eye on their numbers. 

The X and S have bottom-fill pods and replacing coils is easy - just pull the old one out and push the new one in place. 

Coils and Performance 

Both the VooPoo Drag S kit and the VooPoo Drag Mod Kit come with 0.3 ohm coils. 

The Drag X kit includes a 0.15 ohm mesh coil that is rated for 60-80 watts, and the Drag S includes 0.2 ohm mesh coil rated for 40-60 watts. Both devices are compatible with all of VooPoo’s PnP coils, including RBA. 

The 0.15 coil is known to produce robust flavor and big, fluffy clouds. The 0.2 coil still gives off terrific flavor, but not as much cloud production as the 0.15 coil.

Battery and Size

One of the biggest differences between the two devices is their batteries. 

The Drag S has a 2500 mAh built-in battery with an output power of 5 - 60 watts, and the Drag X operates on a single external 18650 battery with 5 - 80 watts of output power. 

The Drag S is more compact in size than the X - the X is a bit taller than the S. And if you’re concerned about how much time is spent during charges, you can charge the Drag S in a little over an hour.

VooPoo Drag Tanks

If you’re wondering what is the best tank for VooPoo Drag S and X, you should know that a 510 adapter is said to be in the works which will allow you to use the X and S with your own tanks. 

The pods on the Drag S and X do look more like tanks than traditional pods. The pods are dome-shaped and are attached to a really comfortable, rounded mouthpiece. 

You can also order replacement pods for the Drag S and X that have the 4.5 ml juice capacity, compatibility with the PnP coil series, and are refilled from the bottom.

The pod itself is tinted only slightly, so you can easily see your juice level. To avoid getting too harsh of a hit, it’s recommended to use freebase, traditional e-juices as opposed to nic salts for the Drag S and X.

Once the adapter is out, more information will be available for the best tank for VooPoo Drag vape mods. 

Which VooPoo Drag Starter Kit is Best for You?

Both the Voopoo Drag X and S are outstanding devices that will not let you down. 

If you want a slightly larger device with more wattage that lends itself to feeling more like a mod, the Drag X might be for you. Or, if you want something a bit more discreet and compact, the S could do the trick.
Consider the VooPoo Drag S starter kit or the Voopoo Drag Mod kit, both available from VaporFi. And stay tuned for more information on VooPoo drag tanks!