What's in VaporFi E-Liquid?If you’re vaping with VaporFi e-liquids, which are considered to be the very finest around, you never have to worry about trivial things like quality, performance, safety, ingredient purity, or if the consistency will be actually consistent. Oh no – we are proud to have created the most optimal nicotine e-liquids around, and make it very clear to our customers (and the FDA) what goes into them, and why we stick to this proprietary formula.

If you’ve vaped for any period of time, and have experienced different liquids from different brands, you are probably aware that there is a huge difference between them. Any experienced user who comes to VaporFi after experiencing lesser quality brands is typically mind-blown, ecstatic, and really quite impressed. In all honesty, that was our intent.

What sets VaporFi liquids apart from the vast majority of brands around is that we took the time and effort to develop a liquid base that:

  1. Consists of the best ingredients
  2. Uses glycerin sourced only from Malaysian Palm (no peanut allergens here!)
  3. Includes a perfected ratio of 70 : 30 PG to VG for the best vapor
  4. Inhalation-grade ingredients; this liquid was made for inhaling!
  5. Is made with Kosher-grade ingredients.
  6. Is diacetyl-free

And, when it comes to how and where VaporFi e-liquids get made, we don’t mess around either! Our liquids are:

  • Always made in the USA
  • In a lab that is registered with the FDA
  • On file with the FDA for honesty, transparency, and we like being ahead of regulations.

With so many brands out there that are not concerned with a strict adherence to quality, there are certainly endless options that are a crap-shoot. You just don’t know what you’re going to get, and you are not sure if it will remain the same from batch to batch. We understand the need to know what you’re getting each and every time, and to know that what you bought last month is going to be the same this month. Dependability is so important!

While some people and questionable news sources may try to make you second-guess what you’re vaping by asking questions like “Do you really know what you’re vaping?” When you vape with our nicotine e-liquids you can answer that confidently knowing that yes, you know exactly what you’re vaping!