WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Discover the ultimate convenience of VaporFi's oil pens, your go-to solution for enjoying your favorite oils and e-liquids. Our refillable oil vape pens offer a sleek and compact design for a seamless vaping experience.

VaporFi's oil vape pens are the perfect choice for those who appreciate versatility in their vaping journey. Our refillable pens are compatible with a wide range of oils, including CBD, essential oils, and more. Whether you're seeking the potential health benefits of CBD or simply indulging in flavorful e-liquids, our oil pens offer a user-friendly experience that ensures your oils are vaporized efficiently, preserving their quality and potency.

Oil Pen vaporizers from MigVapor and other trusted brands. Besides dab pens, we offer many top solutions for refillable vape pens and starter kits. For nicotine salts and other oils, vapers want easy-to-use oil cartridge vaporizer pens that are compatible with thick or thin oils and are readily portable.  

With a commitment to quality, our oil vape pens are not only efficient but also stylish and durable. Crafted for a comfortable grip and easy operation, they fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. Enjoy the convenience of refillable oil vape pens that provide a smooth and satisfying vape every time, making VaporFi your ultimate destination for oil pen excellence.

What's the difference between an oil pen and wax pen?

The key difference lies in the type of concentrates they are designed for. Oil pens are primarily used for e-liquids, which contain substances like CBD oil or flavored e-liquids. Wax pens, on the other hand, are designed for waxy concentrates, such as cannabis wax or shatter. The heating elements and coils in these pens are optimized for the specific viscosity of the substances.

Can you refill dab pens?

Yes, many dab pens, including oil vape pens, are refillable. They typically have a tank or chamber where you can add your preferred oil or e-liquid. This refillable feature allows users to switch between different oils and flavors, making them versatile options for vapers.

How do you use a vape oil pen?

Using a vape oil pen is straightforward. First, ensure it's charged and loaded with the desired oil or e-liquid. Then, turn on the device and, if available, adjust the settings like temperature or wattage. Inhale through the mouthpiece while activating the device, and you'll produce vapor for inhalation.

How do you refill an oil vape pen?

To refill an oil vape pen, you typically unscrew or detach the tank or cartridge from the battery. Using a dropper or by following the manufacturer's guidelines, carefully add your preferred oil or e-liquid into the tank. Be mindful not to overfill. After refilling, securely reattach the tank to the battery, and you're ready to vape your freshly filled oil pen.