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Dry Herb Wax Atomizers

"Dry Herb and Wax Vape Tanks VaporFi has led the way innovating the best wax, oil, and dry herb atomizers in the vapor industry. From coil designs to unsurpassed build quality, we have taken vaporizers to a higher plane of existence.

Dry Herb and Wax Vape Tanks

VaporFi has led the way innovating the best wax, oil, and dry herb atomizers in the vapor industry. From coil designs to unsurpassed build quality, we have taken vaporizers to a higher plane of existence. Turn your dry herb or oil vape pen into a fantastic rig without spending a fortune!

Wax and Herb Atomizers

Wax and herb atomizers are designed to vaporize dry herb materials, waxes, and concentrates. Specifically for herbal vaping. Vaporizer technology expands beyond an alternative for smoking cigarettes. Vapor technology negates the need to use combustion for any type of smoking.

Smoking herbs of various types goes back thousands of years. Typically, people associate herbal vaping with cannabis. They think of weed vapes. Or they think of CBD oils. And indeed medical and recreational marijuana is legal in an ever-increasing number of states. However, there are all types of herbs that people have smoked including lavender, lemongrass, sage, and many others. With vapor technology, combustion is becoming a thing of the past.

The problem with combustion is that fire, burning, is the catalyst generating untold numbers of toxic compounds. Burning creates toxic carcinogens deadly to human health. You can start organic greens on fire and the smoke is not going to be good for you! Wax and dry herb atomizers connect to an electronic vapor device and allow the user to enjoy herbal vaping without starting something on fire.

Dry Herb Atomizers

VaporFi pioneered dry herb atomizers. We wanted to design a product that could instantly convert a vape mod into a dry herb vaporizer. How does that work? The answer is a dry herb vape tank. In essence, a 510 dry herb atomizer. That way the user can connect the dry herb atomizer tank to a box mod, or any sub-ohm vaping device, to make it capable of vaporizing dry herbs.

A dry herb tank for a vape mod contains the herbal material. This is strictly for dry herb. You can't put e-juice or CBD vape juice in a dry herb heating chamber. The dry herb is placed in the tank which is then connected to the vape device. The mod is then set to variable wattage mode, not temperature control. Set the power to about 15 watts and just like that, your mod will vaporize the active ingredients of herbal material.

The Sub Herb dry herb atomizer utilizes ceramic heating technology. The heating coils are built into the body of the ceramics. That way the heating element does not come in direct contact with the herb. That is key. A dry herb atomizer must heat the herb to the point of vaporization without exposing the herb directly to the metal coil heat source.

What Is A Wax Atomizer?

Wax atomizers heat waxes and concentrates for vaping. Waxes and concentrates, also called dabs, have been used for generations. They are made by extracting the active ingredients from an herb converting them into a solid form. The solid form is then heated to generate an aerosol for inhalation. In the past, people have sued dab rigs, nails, even stove burners. But all of those can be replaced by the convenience of a wax atomizer connected to a vaping device.

It is very important to buy waxes, dabs, or concentrates from licensed dispensaries. Street made cannabis oils and waxes can be potentially dangerous. In addition, wax cartridges should only be purchased from accredited American vape companies. Cheap wax and oil vaporizer cartridges imported from China and sold cheap on online auction sites may not be safe.

How Does A Wax Atomizer Work?

A wax atomizer works by heating waxes, concentrates, or dabs. Once heated, the ingredients can be vaped. To use a wax vape, dab tools are used to materials from a dab container to apply directly to the wax coils. The coils are heated by a vapor device. Most wax cartridges have a 510 connection to accommodate the vast majority of vape starter kits. However, some smaller wax atomizer pens are smaller and do not use 510 connections. But, they all work the same way.

      Dabs or wax are applied directly to the atomizer coils
          A vapor device heats the coils to convert materials into vapor

What Is The Difference Between Oil and Wax Atomizers?

Both wax and oil cartridges connect to a vape pen. But they are not interchangeable. You cannot use a wax cartridge with vape oil. And you cannot use wax in an oil cartridge. The difference between oil and wax atomizers are the coils. An oil atomizer uses a coil and wick similar to an e-liquid vape. A wax atomizer uses an exposed heating coil to apply heat directly to waxes and concentrates.

Oils are in fluid form whereas waxes and concentrates are solids. A fluid is soaked into a wick. Oil vape pens use replacement coils. A solid wax must be directly exposed to heat. Therefore a wax is placed directly on the wax atomizer coil. The coil design is different than an oil vape. Atomizer attachments must match the material. Wax vaping requires suitable coils.

Types Of Wax Atomizer Coils

A Kanthal coil, such as is used for vaping e-juice, will not work for vaping concentrates. When you take the wax out of the dab container, you must place it directly on the atomizer. In order for it to stick, the coil must have some texture to hold the dab in place. Either that of a dual-stacked ceramic coil. There are three types of wax atomizer coils.

Ceramic coils

Ceramic coils can be used for a wax and concentrate vape but only if properly configured. In fact, ceramics are an excellent atomizer for wax if correctly aligned. What does that correct alignment look like? Well, for a ceramic wax atomizer to work, there have to be two coils. One stacked on top of the other. Why? Because the first coil melts the wax. The melted wax then drips down to the second wax atomizer. And it is the second atomizer that generates the vapor from the wax.

Ceramic coils retain heat. As a result, ceramic coils are perfect for longer vape sessions. The Brain Fogger dab pen tank, or wax vape tank, connect to your vape mod kit. The Brain Fogger wax atomizer coil design will convert an e-liquid vape into a wax vape. The Fogger is a one of a kind and known in the vaping community for intense, amazing sessions!

Quartz Coils

Quartz coils work well because the texture of the quartz allows the wax to stick to the coil. If the wax doesn’t stick, it will melt and slide off. That’s not going to work! Quartz rod 510 cartridges are available in many dispensaries but you can buy relatively cheap. That includes dual quartz coils and triple quartz coils. But you will find the best quality and value at VaporFi. The Green Bullet dual quartz wax atomizer connects to a wax pen or vape pen. Check prices, the Green Bullet mini wax atomizer is one of the best deals out there. The dual quartz coil is ultra-responsive and delivers wicked sessions.

Carborundum Coils

Carborundum coils are found right here at VaporFi. The Wasp dab pen utilizes our leading carborundum coil design to deliver incredible performance. In our view, carborundum coils make the best wax atomizers. Carborundum coils are very textured and hold the wax in place very well. Moreover, the carborundum coils heat up fast and cool down fast. That means the wax can last longer.

Because the carborundum cools down quickly, there is little residual heat and the wax quickly cools and solidifies. That means that the wax does not melt and be wasted by residual heat. This is ideal for short quick vapes throughout the day.

What Is The Best Wax Atomizer?

The best wax atomizer is a heated debate. Some say it’s the KandyPens Kbox. Some say the Honey Stick or Nectar Collector. But here at VaporFi, we are confident that we have the best wax atomizers. Plus we have multiple options for any budget. Including the Brain Fogger that will connect to your 510 vape mod. Even a squonk mod! The Brain Fogger utilizes our very own dual-stacked ceramic coils.

The Green Bullet is a portable vaporizer available at a very low price. But the low price is a steal because the Bullet is also excellent quality. The dual coils efficiently vaporize wax. The best deals for wax vape pens.

Next up, look at the Mig Vapor Wasp! The Wasp, in our opinion, si the best portable wax atomizer pen. The Wasp features our unique carborundum coils. You won’t find a better dab vape.

What Is The Best Dry Herb Atomizer?

There is only one! The Sub Herb! The Sub Herb connects to a mod just like a sub-ohm vape tank. Use one of our Mig Vapor herb grinders to prepare your herb. Place some herb in the Sub Herb heating chamber. And then connect it to a mod and vape at about 15 watts. And just like that, you are enjoying a dry herb vape!

Ladies and gentlemen, you have options! Dry herb and wax atomizers and wax vape kits are available right here at VaporFi. Take a look at all of the options. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to answer any additional questions.

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