Despite the fact that vaping has been largely portrayed as a male-dominated hobby, and less common than smoking among celebrities, a growing number of female celebrities recently have been spotted vaping out on the town. Whether they are trying to quit cigarettes or they simply enjoy the social aspects of vaping, here are 10 famous ladies who have joined our ranks:

Katy Perry

One of the biggest names in pop music today, Katy Perry surprised many people by enjoying a sweet vape from a personalized purple mod. Since she was first spotted vaping a couple years ago, she has continued to carry her vaporizer by her side and still can be caught vaping by the pool or on the red carpet. She also is known for passing her vaporizer around with friends at clubs and restaurants.

Sarah Silverman

Comedian Sarah Silverman not only vapes publicly, she also talks about her vaporizer. More than once she has shown off her vaporizer during interviews and told celebrity news sites that she uses it for a variety of purposes. Her willingness to discuss the issue and support the cause has earned her high approval ratings from those in the vaping community.

Alison Brie

The Community actress also is a big fan of vaping. Rumor has it she holds a personalized vaporizer, which she carries with her everywhere she goes. She has been somewhat outspoken about vaping and why it matters to her and others.

Cara Delevingne

Big-time model and budding actress, Cara Delevingne has been known to vape on and off the runway. She’s also been spotted blowing vapor rings and sharing her vape at sporting events. She has made a point of telling reporters that vaping should be recognized and supported as a safer alternative to smoking.

Paris Hilton

It’s no surprise the celebrity heiress and notorious party girl has been caught vaping at clubs and vacation spots around town. After all, vaping is a great way to relax and let loose. Again, the social butterfly is often seen sharing a vape with friends while visiting her favorite hot spots.

Katherine Heigl

Not only does Katherine Heigl continue to impress us with her work on screen, she also did a great job of addressing vaping on David Letterman back in 2010. She was an early adopter of the technology and has been very forward about answering questions and sharing her experiences with vaporizers. It’s great seeing someone with so much poise embracing the vapor community!

Isla Fisher

This young actress recently took up vaping on the set of Now You See Me. Since then she has been known to carry her vaporizer with her to awards ceremonies and film sets. We look forward to many more years of Fisher’s acting ahead of us, along with welcoming her to the community as she continues to support our fight for vapor rights.

Kate Moss

Even Kate Moss has jumped on board the vapor train. A model widely known for smoking both in front of and off camera, she has made the switch to vapor at least part of the time. Vaping gives her the release she needs without the harmful side effects of smoking, although we have yet to see a full photoshoot with her vaping.

Miley Cyrus

Another celebrity woman who is definitely known for speaking her mind, Miley Cyrus entertains us with stories of vaping all kinds of different things. Whether it’s a fruity candy e-liquid or, more likely, her favorite MJ products, she has shown off her vaporizer for the cameras several times.


Even Rihanna couldn’t resist the tempting smells and flavors of our favorite vapes. The superstar singer loves vaping because it’s not as hard on her voice as smoking, and she can enjoy a ton of variety. She takes her favorite vaporizers with her on tour and never shies away from taking a hit when the urge arises.

These 10 women actively are changing the face of vaping today. Some of them picked up on vaping early on, but others are just now getting on board. Either way, they have shown us vaping can be just as enjoyable for women as men and there are no limits in the vaping community. Many of these women have been particularly supportive of vaping in the public sphere, as they have used it to quit smoking and want others to have access to the same technology they’ve used.

There are dozens of other celebrity women who have been spotted vaping in the last few years, and more are added to the list every single day. Even those who only vape socially are willing to say that they enjoy the freedom and relaxation it gives them while they’re clubbing or working.