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Unexpected power

The VaporFi VOX 40 is a really remarkable device in the world of mods. It is a mini mod, but expect the likes of David-conquering-Goliath performance in terms of performance! Boasting a sleek, compact exterior, this very well may be your newest on-the-go mod. It stands up to competitors larger and smaller, and is an utter beast when it comes to quality. You will not find many that can match its vigor and abilities, and it has the fine-tuning to produce massive amounts of vapor. What more could you want in a work horse of a vape mod?

As a “mini mod,” the VOX 40 offers a ton of great options, packed into a small, compact size that can go just about anywhere easily. The small size is perfect for use in public to avoid drawing a whole lot of attention to what you’ve got in your hand. It’s also very handy and portable, so you don’t have to even think about when you’re out and about. Plus, the single battery size allows it to be a very lightweight model, which really is convenient if you’re walking around with it in your pocket; who wants to be weighed down by their mod? No one!

The VOX 40 fires at a range between 7W to 40W, and it will be your sub ohm champ whenever you need it to. Taking on atomizer resistance from 0.3 ohm to 3.0 ohm, it will have no problems blasting the clouds! Thanks to its auto ohm resistance meter, finding the ideal voltages will be a breeze. The built-in 2500 mAh 35A battery enables this device to bear a very light weight, and it offers tons of convenience because you don’t have to deal with changing it out constantly. The battery case is properly vented, so the temperature stays stable permanently.

Packed with features

Additionally, some of the added features you will be pleased with on the Vox 40 Mod include a stunningly clear digital OLED screen and its output short-circuit protection. It includes low voltage protection, a device lock feature, and low resistance protection. Furthermore, the USB pass through charging system makes this the ultimate compact mod because it allows you to vape and charge at the same time. See? Mini size, loaded with assets!

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