best e-juice for cloud chasers

Cloud chasing is a popular pursuit among vaping enthusiasts who aim to produce the biggest and densest clouds. Achieving this requires not just skill, but also the right e-juice. Knowing what qualities are needed from your vape juice– and your device– is the key to begin blowing the biggest clouds in the game. Let’s go over some insights pulled together by the VaporFi team below to help you track down the best vape juice for clouds, no matter what your flavor or device preference is.

Finding the Best Juice for Clouds: Key Qualities

To achieve impressive and dense clouds, choosing the right e-juice is essential. The best cloud chaser e-juice has specific qualities that enhance vapor production and ensure a satisfying vaping experience. Understanding these key attributes will help you select the ideal e-liquid for cloud chasing, allowing you to produce the largest and thickest clouds possible. 

High VG Content

The vegetable glycerin (VG) content of your e-juice plays a crucial role in cloud production. VG is a thick, sweet liquid that produces dense vapor. For cloud chasing, look for e-juices with at least 70% VG– options like the Keep It 100 x Red’s Slapple weigh in at 70% VG, making them a great choice for making some impressive clouds. Higher VG levels ensure larger, thicker clouds, making it the best cloud chaser e-juice.

Low or Zero Nicotine

The best juice for clouds doesn’t always have to come with nicotine. Nicotine can be harsh and may reduce the volume of vapor produced. For optimal cloud chasing, use e-juices with low or zero nicotine content. This allows you to take longer drags without the throat hit associated with higher nicotine levels, leading to more substantial clouds.

Flavor Profile

While cloud chasing focuses on vapor production, the flavor is still important. Choose e-juices with robust, high-quality flavors that complement the high VG content. Popular flavor profiles for cloud chasers include fruity, dessert, and sweet flavors that remain vibrant even at high power settings.

E-Liquid Consistency

The consistency of your e-juice can affect its performance in your vape device. The best vape juice for cloud capturing should be smooth and free of impurities to ensure it wicks properly and vaporizes efficiently. High-quality e-liquids are meticulously crafted to provide consistent results, which is essential for producing impressive clouds.

Recommended E-Juices for Cloud Chasers

Finding the right e-juice is crucial for cloud chasers aiming to produce large, dense clouds. There are various e-juices specifically formulated to enhance vapor production while maintaining rich, flavorful experiences. Whether you prefer ready-made high VG e-liquids or enjoy mixing your own blends, selecting the best cloud chaser e-juice can significantly improve your cloud chasing sessions. Let’s explore some top recommendations and what makes them ideal for achieving impressive vapor.

Max VG E-Juices

E-liquids labeled as "Max VG" are specifically designed for cloud chasing. These juices typically contain VG levels of 80% or higher, making them ideal for producing large, dense clouds. To find our premium selection of e-juices with the most cloud potential, browse collections like our best vape juice blends to find what will take your clouds to the next level.

Custom Blends

Some vapers prefer to create their own e-juice blends to achieve the perfect VG/PG ratio and flavor profile. DIY e-juice mixing allows for complete control over the ingredients, ensuring the best cloud chaser e-juice for your specific preferences. With our custom blends collection, vapers are able to create exactly the experience they want for their vaping needs– right down to the VG content. 

Popular Brands for the Biggest Clouds

Several brands are known for producing high-quality cloud chasing e-juices. Look for reputable brands that offer a variety of high VG options to find the best cloud chaser e-juice for your setup. Brands like Cloud Nurdz and Cloud Express prioritize a bigger, tastier cloud, ensuring that you won’t be disappointed in the size or density produced.

Tips for Maximizing Cloud Production

  1. Use a Sub-Ohm Tank or RDA: Sub-ohm tanks and rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs) are designed to handle high VG e-liquids and produce significant vapor.
  2. Increase Airflow: More airflow results in bigger clouds. Adjust the airflow settings on your device to find the optimal balance between flavor and vapor production.
  3. High Wattage: Cloud chasing often requires higher wattage settings to vaporize the thick VG e-juice effectively. Ensure your device can handle high power levels.
  4. Proper Wicking: Use high-quality cotton or other wicking materials to ensure your e-juice flows efficiently to the coil. Proper wicking prevents dry hits and maximizes vapor production.

VaporFi: Trusted Source for Cloud Chasers Everywhere

For the best cloud chasers, selecting the right e-juice is paramount. Focus on high VG content, low nicotine, and high-quality flavors to achieve the biggest and densest clouds. Whether you choose max VG e-juices, custom blends, or popular brands, VaporFi offers a wide range of options to meet your cloud chasing needs. Explore our selection and start producing impressive clouds today!