christmas vape flavors

This holiday season, bring the bold, soothing flavors of Christmas right to your rig. Give yourself the gift of rich e-liquids that will feel like dessert, a warm spot by the fire, or a scenic walk through the snow. These Christmas vape flavors are guaranteed to put you in the holiday spirit, and VaporFi is proud to present a handful of our best options for the season.


Christmas & Holiday Vape Flavors

As we get closer to everyone’s favorite time of year, it’s important to prepare yourself with everything needed to sink into the holiday mood. From Friendsgiving to Christmas Eve, from Black Friday to New Year’s Day, the holidays are full of meals, parties, awkward family gatherings, and vacation getaways– and odds are you’re probably doing most or all of them. In between finding the perfect recipe to bring to the table or getting the ideal gift for a loved one, you may be wondering about Christmas vape flavors that will keep the holiday spirits high this year. Christmas vape juice can serve as a little reminder to dwell in the celebrations throughout the next few months, offering a dose of the piney, warm, frosty, or creamy flavors we tend to experience throughout the holidays.

This year, don’t be a Grinch– fill your Christmas vape up with the right flavors for the right time of year, and stay reminded of how important the holidays are. From running into old friends to spending time with those favorite cousins you rarely see, there are tons of reasons to celebrate. In this VaporFi blog, we’ll go over our favorite holiday vape flavors, and then give you a sneak peek into some flavors you can enjoy for the spring and summer, too! No matter how you spend the holidays this year, do it with VaporFi’s luxuriously tasty vape juice. Let’s get into it below.

Choosing the Best Christmas Vape Juice

Christmastime is full of all sorts of pies, stews, roasts, and– most importantly– sweets! This delectable collection of holiday vape juice will remind you of the reason for the season, and is sure to keep you in a Santa-approved mood from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day. Be sure to read up on each of these flavors, and discover your next favorite bottle of Christmas vape juice in no time with VaporFi.

  • Caramel Latte Vape Juice by VaporFi: Of course, we’ve got to kick the list off with a VaporFi original blend– and what better flavor to start with than caramel latte? This ultra-warm and well-roasted treat brings out the best notes of caramel and coffee, offering a cozy, delicious pull every time. Enjoy this blend of sweet and savory holiday favorites wherever you’re spending Christmas this year.
  • Vanilla Custard Tobacco E-Liquid by The Finest: Talk about a nice fireside flavor for those post-dinner sitdowns: this vanilla custard tobacco e-liquid is a rich, warm addition to the holidays– and to your vape rig. Combining the light sweetness of vanilla, the creaminess of custard, and the ember of tobacco, this flavor is an immediately comforting kick for anyone celebrating the holidays.
  • Basix Butterscotch Reserve Nic Salt by Glas: Oftentimes, the classics do it best– and it doesn’t get much more classic than butterscotch. For fans of the simple and sweet holiday candy, this butterscotch nic salt will soothe your soul and make every day feel like Christmas.
  • Green Apple Citrus Nic Salt by The Finest: Blending equal parts apple pie and holiday punch, this zesty blend of fruit flavors is sure to get your rig going in the right direction for Christmastime. With the tartness of green apple and the twang of citrus flavor, customers can expect a sweet surprise with every pull.

Now that we’ve got you covered for the holidays with a few Christmas vape flavors, let’s make sure you’re prepared for the warm season next spring and summer, too!

Holiday Vape Flavors Anytime

Looking to be reminded of the warm weather, or hoping to cool off after a long night of sitting by the fireplace? VaporFi has you covered! This selection of warm-weather favorites will keep you reminded of the summertime on those cold winter nights, all season long. If you’re looking forward to warmer days to come, check out any of these ultra-juicy flavors below!

  • Watermelon Wave Vape Juice by VaporFi: Another original pick by VaporFi, this Watermelon Wave will crash onto the shores of your coil with a perfect, summery sweetness that will remind you immediately of everyone’s favorite fruit. Grab a slice and experience a juicy drag in every pull!
  • Berry Bash Vape Juice by VaporFi: Have a flavor party with all of your favorite berries in one place! Combining the sweetness of strawberry, the juiciness of blueberry, and the zing of raspberry, this ultra-flavorful blend is the perfect counterpart to a warm summer day.
  • Basix Mango Tango E-Liquid by Glas: It takes two to tango, so dance the night away with mango-centric style this summer season! Is there a better tropical fruit to snack on throughout the summertime? We’re convinced this Mango Tango e-liquid has perfectly encapsulated a beach scene in this little bottle– and there’s only one way to find out for yourself!
  • Pineapple Freeze NTN Nic Salts by Baton Vapor: You know we couldn’t give you a summer holiday vape flavor list without a little touch of frost to remind you of Christmastime! Combine the best elements of summer and winter with this tropical blend of pineapple juice and cooling mint– making it the perfect year-round option for vapers who love every holiday!

Find the Best Christmas Vape Juices with VaporFi

So there you have it, folks! This VaporFi-approved list of Christmas vape flavors– featuring a little hint of some summer holiday e-liquids, too– is here to make your holidays their boldest and brightest yet. Enjoy wrapping presents, visiting friends and family, and going to those White Elephant parties in style this year, and don’t forget to fill your rig with Christmas vape juice wherever you go! If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to us at any time– we’d love to hear from you, and Happy Holidays!