The Complete RDA Coil Guide

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Want to know what RDA stands for? Curious as to what the heck “rebuildables” are? Keep reading our RDA coil guide!

Rebuildable RDA mods are the hottest thing in advanced vaping right now. In line with the alternative cigarette culture’s ever-growing obsession with technology, advanced vaporizers and DIY RDAs are the absolute best option for hardcore vapors now.

Some people like basic and that’s fine, but when it comes to vaping, there are many users out there who want the most advanced products they can get their hands on, and right now it’s all about the rebuildables.

These advanced, high tech machines are giving users the absolute greatest vapor production, killer airflow, unbelievable flavor, and just unreal performance. Everything about rebuildables is extreme and the a market for them us hotter than ever!

While it’s hard to pinpoint exactly one specific device that does one specific function to be considered the best on the market, when it comes to rebuildables it’s all about having different options because that’s the many different users are looking for. Being able to customize your product and have the option to personalize it precisely to your own specifications, is what makes a device truly exceptional.

Rebuildables offer absolutely the best vapor production you’re going to find of any type of electronic cigarettes. They are also superior for their power, personalized performance and the ability to convey excellent flavor. The one caveat, which is certainly not a negative to those who use RDA’s is that they require you to build them yourself.

While there are many brands carrying RDA’s, few pull off perfection the way we have.

The VaporFi VOX 50 has performance and tech specs that are unmatched by any other machine right now. This vape is the most powerful beast  we’ve designed yet… So powerful and advanced we urge beginners to stay away from it! The adjustable wattage, voltage, and supreme airflow tank blow most other mods out of the water, and effectively delivers the most intense performance.

So, once again the standards have become redesigned for electronic cigarette connoisseurs, and if you want cutting edge technology, go with a rebuildable.

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