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Coachella Vaping & Marijuana Event

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About six miles away from the famed Coachella festival site, WeedMaps is working to create a vaping event, or, what they describe as a marijuana “oasis.” The location will include several large tents which will offer a variety of marijuana strains from some of the state’s biggest brand names and provide a safe space to partake of them.

There will also be a handful of specialty products from new companies that are looking to break into the industry, and lots gift bags full of goodies to go around.

WeedMaps has stated that this event is planned for only one weekend of the total Coachella festival, so it won’t be available for both weekends of the music event.

Private Events

Meanwhile, other big names are creating their own brand of private, high-end alternative events near the festival. Neither the WeedMaps “Oasis,” nor these private events are sponsored or endorsed by Coachella, but they are looking to capitalize on the huge crowds coming to the festival to make a big impression.

Many of the private events are by invitation only and occur at secret locations that are revealed only to ticket holders. Altogether, there are at least a half dozen private events being held to celebrate marijuana around the time of the music festival.

While Coachella has insisted that none of these events use their name for marketing purposes, it is clear that piggybacking on the allure of the festival is the intent of the marijuana event organizers.

Those in the marijuana industry have reminded the public that marijuana products are legal in the state, and that the festival is no stranger to vaping and smoking as it is, so there is really no reason not to hold these separate events. Plus, by providing a safe and secure place for festival attendees to vape or smoke their favorite alternative products, it is easier to ensure the safety of all participants.

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