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What Is Nicotine Salt & Are They Safe

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Have you heard of nicotine salts? They are the latest craze hitting the vapor market today, and they show real promise in improving the way vapers experience nicotine in their devices. However, it’s not exactly like it sounds. It’s not that kind of salt, and it definitely doesn’t mean vaping salty flavors. Here’s what you need to know about what is nicotine salt and if they are safe:

What is Nicotine Salt? 

To understand nicotine salts, you first need to understand some basic chemistry. While most of us think of table salt when we hear this word, the truth is that salt can be made from a variety of different chemicals when an acid and a base are mixed to reduce the PH level toward a neutral point. In this case, nicotine has a high PH level on its own, which can be identified by the harsh throat hit that it produces when inhaled. On the PH scale, lower PH levels are considered acids. Thus, by mixing a tiny amount of acid into the liquid nicotine, salt is formed. We know it as nicotine salt because that is what the base material is made of. This nicotine salt is still in liquid form and is only a “salt” by chemistry terms. It does not form a granulated structure, and you can’t sprinkle it on your french fries. So now that you understand what nicotine salt is in technical terms, it’s time to look at why it is important to vapers.

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Nicotine Salt Vape Juice

More and more companies are starting to introduce nicotine salt vape juices these days. The major difference between these juices and traditional juices is the use of the neutral nicotine salt in place of the pure liquid nicotine from before. The benefit of this change is that the nicotine in the juice does not create such a harsh throat hit when you inhale, and it is absorbed into the bloodstream significantly faster than regular vape juice. Thus, you can obtain a higher nicotine percentage in these juices, and it will taste smoother than ever. Plus, it closely mimics the feel of smoking a cigarette because you feel the nicotine hitting you in just seconds. If you are trying to quit smoking, waiting for regular vape juice to soak in and provide the desired effect can be challenging and unfulfilling. Many first-time vapers have given up altogether because they felt that vaping could not provide enough of the nicotine strength they needed. This problem has been remedied with nicotine salt vape juices.

Nicotine Salt Devices

Before you run out and buy a ton of nicotine salt juices, you should be aware of the different nicotine salt vaporizers on the market. For most people, vape pods offer a sufficient strength to replace traditional cigarettes. While these devices may seem painfully low wattage when compared to a regular e-juice vaporizer, the truth is that they are more efficient at delivering the hit you need so you simply don’t need all that extra power. Plus, these pod devices can actually be quite affordable for the same amount of power.

On the other hand, if you still want to enjoy cloud chasing, you may need to invest in a quality device built for vaping nicotine salts. There are some alternatives to the JUUL, although it is still very popular. For instance, BO Vaping’s BO One all-in-one kit is perfect for first-time vapers and uses a simple Bo Cap pod design that you can easily swap out on the go. These pod caps are convenient and easy to use, and they don’t require all of the intense studies that regular vape tanks demanded. With this device, you will find that you use less liquid and get faster results from each hit, plus there is less wear on the batteries, so you can count on them to last longer.

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Overall, nicotine salts may be the way of the future for vapers who hope to give up cigarettes. While regular e-liquids and vaporizers have largely taken on a competitive and fashionable edge that is focused more on technology and community, nicotine salts are really getting back to the heart of why vaping was created in the first place. While these products are still relatively new, they are making their way out to the masses, and we are starting to see some new manufacturers in the ranks, drawing attention away from the big names of the past few years. This is an exciting development and the competition is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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