5 Basic E-Liquid Safety Tips

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If you’ve been keeping up with our blog or popular news, then perhaps you’ve heard about the New York Times article that has people on edge about the danger of e-liquid poisoning. In case you haven’t, here’s a quick summary: A recent report showed that accidental poisonings involving e-liquid are soaring, most notably among children. This is causing many parents to ask the question: When it comes to e-liquid, what can, and should, be done to reduce the risks of harm, especially to my children?

As you would expect, the backlash from this article is all across the board—from those saying this is proof that e-cigarettes are dangerous, to others arguing that the report unfairly targets e-smoking and fails to address the larger issue of responsible parenting.

And while the latter response is clearly more grounded in critical thought as opposed to media hype, we do think that this mistaken report does bring up an important topic: basic e-liquid safety.

So here are 5 important safety tips to keep in mind when dealing with e-liquid:

    1. Safe Storage – If you have young children, then naturally you can (and should) be smart about how and where you keep your extra vaping supplies. High, out-of-reach cupboards or locked boxes are ideal locations to store e-liquid, as this prevents most small children from getting access to a bottle. Also, pure nicotine and e-liquid are flammable, so it should be stored in a place that is dark and cool, away from sources of heat and flame. This helps it to last longer too.
    2. Child-Proof Caps – For parents with small children, it’s wise to use child-proof caps whenever possible. While child-proof caps aren’t impenetrable, they are designed to slow kids down.
    3. Cleaning Spills – If you don’t have a pre-filled cartridge and have to refill your e-cigarette manually, bear in mind that nicotine can be absorbed through your skin. Most e-liquid bottles have a dripper tip to prevent spills, but even still you should be careful. Clean up any spills immediately and wash any exposed skin or clothes.
    4. Talk To Your Kids – For kids who are a little older, you might consider sitting them down and talking to them about staying away from all unsafe products in your home. Make sure they know that e-liquid is NOT a yummy treat, but instead should be left alone.
    5. Proper Disposal – Lastly, do not pour e-liquid down a drain. If you need to dispose of e-liquid (say because it’s gone bad), empty the fluid into absorbent kitty litter in a sealable plastic bag and throw it in the trash. This keeps the nicotine out of the groundwater and makes it difficult for a dog, child, or dumpster diver to get sick on the e-liquid.

Don’t get fooled by all of the media hype about the safety of e-cigarettes. Instead, stay informed and let it be a reminder to take proper care of your e-liquid.

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