Top 10 Disposable Vapes of 2022

10 Best Disposable Vape Pens of 2022

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Disposable vapes have come a long way in recent years. In the past, disposable vapes could be considered less reliable or lower quality than vape pens and mods. However, that perception is rapidly changing. This is due to the incredible technological innovations that various cutting-edge manufacturers have implemented into the next generation of disposable vapes. We’ve scoured the competitive vaping world to bring you this list of the 10 best disposable vape pens of 2022. Let’s dive right into the top disposables that will bring you the best vaping experiences…

  1. Lush 1500 Puffs Disposable Vape Pen

Kicking off this list is the impressive pre filled Lush 1500 Puffs Pen. Like its name suggests, this vape is designed to last a whooping 1500 puffs. This is due to its beastly pod vape 5ml e-liquid capacity. A solid 900mAH battery will ensure this vape lasts for its whole vape e-juice capacity. 

In addition, this vape comes in an incredible array of nic salt flavor options. From Cool Mint to Banana Ice to Lychee Ice to Frozen Fruit and more, you’re sure to find the perfect choice for you. 5% nicotine content provides that satisfaction no matter what flavor you choose. This is one of the strongest disposable vapes out there. Try a Lush 1500 Puffs Pen for yourself today! 

  1. YAYA MAX Disposable Vape Pen

Take it to the MAX with YAYA. This awesome disposable vape pen steps up the ante even further, featuring an unreal 2500 puffs rating. A beastly 1000mAh internal battery with amazing battery life powers your sessions and keeps you focusing on the flavor. 

Speaking of flavors, these 5% nicotine pens come in an amazing variety. From Apple Grape to Honey Coco to Strawberrylicious, Blue Razz and many more, you’ll be in vaping valhalla. Bet you won’t be able to try just one of these incredible tastes…

  1. Pachamama Synthetic Disposable Vape Pen

Pachamama is a vape brand that has separated themselves from the pack due to one thing — incredible flavor. When you puff a Pachamama Synthetic Disposable vape pen, you’re in for a mouthwateringly blissful experience. These pens come in a variety of their most popular flavors, including Mango Tango, Strawberry Ice, and more. These are the smoothest disposable vapes on the market today! 

These pens don’t skimp on quantity either, granting you 4ml of e-liquid, measuring out to approximately 1200 puffs of enjoyment. A 700mAH internal battery keeps your sessions going and synthetic nicotine means a purer, more consistent experience. Try this impressive variety of flavors today! 

  1. Hyppe Max Flow Mesh 2000 Disposable Vape Pen

See what the hype is all about with the Hyppe Max Flow Mesh 2000 Vape pen. This epic yet compact device is a pint-sized powerhouse. It contains an amazing 6ml e-liquid capacity and is rated to last around 2000 puffs, wow! The device even incorporates mesh coil heating technology, normally only seen on much bulkier and more expensive vaping devices. 

Be adventurous and explore their vast line of tantalizing flavors, including Watermelon Peach Pear, Red Apple Guava, Mighty Mint, and more. Hyppe have really taken disposable vapes to the next level with their Max Flow Mesh series. Experience this top rated disposable vape pen for yourself and you won’t look back! 

  1. VapeJoy Disposable Vape Pen

If you ever doubted that disposable vape pens could pack the nicotine strength and satisfaction of larger systems in, VapeJoy is here to blow your mind and shut down any preconceived notions about portable pens. Each of these pens has an impressive 50mg of nicotine content, which is guaranteed to provide a rich and full experience. 

A 1000mAH battery keeps your sessions going and this 5.5ml vape juice capacity is rated to last for more than 1500 puffs. However, none of this would matter if those flavors weren’t out of this world. But, from Cool Mint to Watermelon Ice to Ice Pineapple to  Strawberry Banana and more, these vape pens are delicious. Try yours and experience both incredible flavor and a satisfying throat hit today…

  1. Meta Drop Synthetic Disposable Vape Pen

The Meta Drop Synthetic vape pen represents the peak of modern best rated disposable nicotine vape technology. Enjoy an incredible 6 mL of refined, smooth non tobacco nicotine. That’s 2000+ puffs! 50 mg of nicotine content is extremely satisfying and these pens come in a multitude of delicious flavors from cool mint to mango ice to strawberry banana and more!

The Meta Drop packs top-tier vape materials and build quality into an exceedingly affordable and compact device. A fortified aluminum alloy extrusion is tough and resilient. An integrated 1000 mAh battery will keep your sessions going and going and a 1.2 ohm coil heats up your vape juice to perfection. Order yours today!

    7. Pachamama SYN 3000 PUFF Disposable E Cig

This offering from Pachamama ups the ante even further than before. This unreal disposable vape pen contains an epic 8 mL of delicious e juice rated to last you 3000 puffs, wow! A high-quality mesh coil is used to vaporize this vape liquid to ensure tasty and voluminous vapor production. Snag several of the mouth-watering flavors right here!  

    8. AquaBar NTN Disposable Vape Pen

These fantastic non-tobacco nicotine pens from AquaBar have an e liquid capacity of 7 mL and are rated to last 2800 puffs. 50 mg of nicotine per pen will keep you satisfied. AquaBar disposables come in a variety of tantalizing flavors such as Peach Ice, Berry Blast, Mint Chill, and more. Order a few today! 

     9. Air Factory NTN Air Stix 3K Disposable Vape Pen

The innovative masterminds behind Air Factory have really outdone themselves this time with this unreal bar disposable. Their Air Stix line of disposable pens are actually rechargeable. This ensures longevity and the ability to enjoy all of the tasty 7 mL of e juice packed into each pen. However, as always with Air Factory, next-level flavor is the star of the show. Order your pens directly from VaporFi!

What is the best disposable vape?

This is a tricky question to answer as everyone has their own unique preferences and taste. Some like sweeter flavors, others prefer more savory options. Some prefer compact disposable vapes, whereas other folks want epic e-juice capacity. The best bet is to try several devices and hone in on your unique preferences. However, due to amazingly-positive customer feedback we can absoutely say that the Pachamama SYN 3000 PUFF Disposable and Meta Drop Synthetic Disposable Vape Pen are incredible devices that will deliver on all fronts. 

What is the best disposable vape flavor?

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this is absolutely true with e-liquid flavors. However, given the vast landscape of different flavors on offer, there is certainly something for everyone here at VaporFi. You can explore worlds of incredible flavor with the Lush 1500 Puffs Disposable Vape Pen, the Meta Drop Rechargeable Disposable, and the YAYA MAX Disposable Vape Pen.

What is the best tasting disposable vape?

As far as best flavor overall, we have to hand it to Air Factory, Meta Drop, and SMOK. Whether you’re seeking out classic tobacco, sweet fruity, or icy menthol mint, you’re sure to find the perfect taste with one of these brands. Explore the best menthol mint disposable vape pens as well as the most satisfying non menthol disposable vapes out there. 

What are the best disposable vape brands?

Yaya, Snowwolf, and Hyve are our current favorite disposable brands due to their steadfast dedication to quality and longevity as well as their impressive flavor selection. Try one of each to see which fits your preferences the best! At VaporFi, we only carry the most popular disposable vape brands. 

So there you have it, the top disposable vapes. Here at VaporFi, we’re passionate about bringing only the highest quality vape devices to you. In the disposable vape pen arena, these 9 juggernauts reign supreme. Order everything you need from us today! 

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