Black Friday is Still On!

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Black Friday happened the day after Thanksgiving, and we started early on Thursday evening, but we’re making the sale last through the whole weekend! Why make it short and sweet when we can keep it going through the whole weekend? We know this is one crazy weekend for getting your retail fix in, and we are giving you plenty of reason to shop with us. And why deal with the madness on the streets and in the stores if you don’t have to? Stay in your pajamas, keep munching on leftover pumpkin pie, and hit up our site for all the VaporFi goodies you’ve been checking out!

The big sales we’ve had going include 30% off all 6 of our e-cigarette starter kits, and all e-liquids are buy one get one free. Yeah, it’s huge! Now is the perfect time to stock up on all of our delicious e-liquids, especially if you have any specific blends in mind! It’s also the best time to splurge on a starter kit; hello big savings! If you have any vapers in your life who could benefit from our life-changing, mind-blowing vaporizers, get your VaporFi holiday shopping done ASAP! Yes, they will love our products!

We are super excited about a sale of this magnitude, however we urge you to act fast because quantities are limited. Don’t lose out on all the great savings, or miss out on anything you’ve been wanting.

Black Friday deals are happening all over the place, but really so many of these so-called deals are hyped up versions of what you can expect all year. The crowds and the lines are overrated. And do you really need another low-quality television set that probably won’t work in a year? Seriously, save the cash, and spend your money with VaporFi; we got what you need! PS- keep your eye out for Cyber Monday, we promise more good deals will be happening!

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