Bling, bling. One great feature about e-cigarette vaporizers is that they are customizable to your preferences. If you want a pink Pro Variable 1,000 mah battery and a lime green Pro-L II Clearomizer tank, then by George you got it! If you’re looking for something more advanced like a Rebel 3 battery for your box mod, done!

Batteries, tanks, and chargers are essential accessories for any vaper, and it’s important to discuss those and get all the information to make the best choice for you. (Check this article from our knowledge center to help guide you through your options.)

But don’t forget that we also have other handy-dandy accessories that can make your vaping time more effective, enhance your vaping experience, and make you look like you have got this vaping life on lockdown…

•  Car Holder. How convenient! It’s safer for you and everyone else out on the road if you’re not digging through your purse or glove compartment to find your vaporizer. Have one of these bad boys riding shotgun wherever you go so your vaporizer is just a quick and safe arm’s length away. Even more, the car holder clip comes in different colors!

•   Organic Japanese Cotton. If you’re taking your vaping game up a notch and making your own wicks, Japanese cotton is known for it’s wicking properties as it ensures great taste and vapor production. These 5 sheets allow you to cut and mold your wick to your liking to coincide with your preferred airflow and VG/PG levels.

•   Stratus Packing Tool. This accessory is super handy for all those dry herb vapers out there. Being able to manipulate the dry, loose herbs can help to boost flavor when herbs get clumped… and it’s much more legit than poking at it with a toothpick or paperclip.

•   Drip Tip. You might be thinking, “that’s a pretty normal, necessary accessory,” but just wait until you see these! VaporFi offers a huge selection of drip tips in all different colors and functional emphases. Some are sexy, marbled or patterned and others look more industrial and durable. Heck, there’s even clear ones if you prefer those!

•   T-shirts. Of course, everyone wants a VaporFi t-shirt! Be proud that you vape, and be proud that you vape with VaporFi’s superior products.

If you don’t vape with VaporFi’s quality e-cigarette vaporizers or e-liquid, you should, and there’s no better time than now to start!

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