Stealth vaping is an important skill to have if you want to partake of your favorite vapor products throughout the day without causing a scene. Even people who love the joys of cloud chasing can find a reason to stealth vape from time to time. That’s why we’re here to give you a few hints and tips on how to get the job done right.

The Gear

Technically speaking, it is possible to stealth vape with nearly any vaporizer setup you choose. However, it is much easier to learn how to stealth vape if you get yourself set up with some equipment to practice on first. For instance, stealth vaping is easier done with a low-wattage device than a high-wattage one. While we’re at it, mini and micro-sized devices make this process a lot less conspicuous as well.

In addition, you should opt for higher resistance coils instead of your usual sub-ohm fare. Remember, the point of sub-ohm vaping is to produce massive clouds, which is exactly what you don’t want right now. Finally, stealth vaping is a lot easier if you choose an e-liquid that has a higher PG content since VG is responsible for creating dense clouds.

How to Stealth Vape

  1. The first step to stealth vaping is to figure out how to hold your device so it can’t be seen to the casual observer. This means you will need to wrap your hand around your device to cover its body, but also place your thumb or forefinger over your tank and mouthpiece to keep them concealed. It’s not really stealth vaping if everyone can still see that you’re putting your device to your mouth.
  2. The next step is to take a shallow inhale. Unlike cloud chasing, you want to focus on short draws that you can easily hold in your lungs.
  3. After you’ve taken a draw on your device, you need to put it down and take a deep inhale of fresh air without letting the vapor out.
  4. Now that you’ve suitably diluted the vapor with regular air, you can slowly exhale through your mouth without causing an uproar. Some people recommend covering your mouth as you exhale to further catch any wisps of vapor, but this is not always necessary.

The more your practice, the better you’ll get. Stealth vaping actually becomes easy once you figure out exactly how big of a draw to take. From there it’s just a matter of letting the breath out slowly and making sure that your vape pen or box mod is well hidden in your hand.

You may notice that the change in the way you inhale may necessitate a different nicotine level or PG/VG ratio than you’re used to in order to attain the same effect.

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