Dry Herb Vapes vs. Oil Vapes

If you’re getting into vaping THC, you’ll notice a variety of devices and vaping styles available. Two of the most popular types are vaporizing dry herb and vaping oil. But what are the similarities and differences between these two methods? Luckily, VaporFi is here to compare and contrast these styles. So let’s get into it... 

The Similarities Between Dry Herb Vapes & Oil Vapes

First off, both dry herb vapes and oil vapes are designed to vaporize. They both consist of a battery and a heating chamber. The user puts their material of choice (flowers, wax, or oil) into the heating chamber and inhales to utilize the device. 

Second off, both dry herb vapes and oil vapes are more discreet than traditional smoking. These devices are often sleek and portable, allowing for stealth sessions. They usually can fit into any pocket, backpack, purse, or glove compartment and are designed to use on the go unless they are desktop dry herb vapes. 

Thirdly, both dry herb vapes and oil vapes tend to be easy to use. They have simple user interfaces and only require a small amount of familiarity to enjoy. Often they can be operated simply by inhaling or pushing a single button. 

Fourth, both dry herb vapes and oil vapes feature temperature control functionality. Depending on the device you get, the versatility and range of temperature regulation can vary. However, a common attribute of these devices is the ability to raise or lower the temperature, which affects the vaporization process and session pace. 

Fifth, both dry herb vapes and oil vapes have rechargeable batteries. These reusable devices can be plugged in and recharged, usually via USB or Type-C charging cables. 

The Differences Between Dry Herb & Oil Vapes

First, the most apparent difference between dry herb vapes and oil vapes is their ability to vaporize materials other than vape liquid. For example, dry herb vaporizers have a heating chamber that is meant to hold ground-up flowers. On the other hand, oil vapes have a cartridge or tank meant to hold oil concentrate. However, some devices are more versatile and can be used with herbs, oil, and wax.

Secondly, dry herb vapes and oil vapes differ in their battery life and power usage. Vaporizing dry herbs requires more energy output than heating oil. This means that dry herb vapes need larger batteries and thus are generally bulkier in design. The batteries in dry herb vapes also run out faster, so these devices require more frequent recharging sessions. 

Thirdly, dry herb vapes and oil vapes differ in that dry herb vapes utilize a chamber and oil vapes use a cartridge. To use a dry herb vape, place ground flowers in the chamber, similar to packing a bowl. To use an oil vape, switch cartridges out for a fresh one when the oil runs out. A dry herb chamber will last a long time. On the other hand, Cartridges come in either prefilled versions or versions you need to refill on your own. Which form of operation you prefer depends on your personal vaping style and routine.  

Fourthly, dry herb vapes and oil vapes differ in terms of maintenance requirements. Neither device requires significant cleaning. However, the mouthpiece and filter screen of dry herb vapes will both need occasional cleaning. Oil vape cartridges require less maintenance since the carts are generally replaced after they run out unless you’re refilling your own cart. 

Lastly, dry herb vapes and oil vapes differ in terms of versatility. Dry herb vapes are explicitly made for vaporizing ground flowers. However, oil vapes can often be used with concentrates, wax, and more. 


So which vape type should you go for? All-in-all, there’s no definite answer. Every vaper is unique and desires different experiences. If you’re new to the vaping world, it can take some exploration and trial and error to find the perfect device for you. However, here at VaporFi, you can be sure that whether you’re looking for a dry herb vape or oil vape, you will only find the best of the best. Also, if you have any additional questions, our customer support team is here to help. We’d love to hear from you!