As unfortunate as it has become, most of us know a loved one or a friend who has suffered through breast cancer. In fact, more than 220,000 American women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, and about one in eight women will be diagnosed with it during the course of their lifetimes. That’s why VaporFi is committed to bringing awareness of breast cancer and addressing the unequal burden of cancer for those that must suffer through it. Therefore, during the month of October, VaporFi will be supporting the cause and going pink! We’ve created a few special “Pink Ribbon” vape juice blends in order to raise awareness while also donating $1 from each blend sold to Susan G Komen for the Cure.

The thousands of women and men suffering from breast cancer today depend on us. No institution can conquer this disease alone. Together as a #vapefam we can help! Here’s our lineup of 2016 Pink Ribbon Vape Juice Blends:

Got Pink? Vape Juice

holy cow! condensed milk + strawberrylicious + vanilla bean ice cream

In honor of Pink Ribbon Month, we’ve blended some delicious treats to bring awareness to the cause and provide palates with tasty treats. This vape juice blends a sugary sweet condensed milk with a juicy red strawberry offering a perfect dessert treat. The inhale of this vape juice is filled with notes of sweet milk and a body of vanilla bean ice cream. When you exhale this delicious e-liquid, a blast of sweet and juicy strawberries finishes off the experience with a delicious back note. Got Pink?

Pinktober Vape Juice

cherry crush + smooth chocolate

The month of October is known for the changing of seasons and tasty candy treats. Raise awareness for the Pink Ribbon cause with a Pinktober Vape Juice! Combining a classic fruit and dessert combination filled with flavor. Upon the first draw of this e-liquid, a silky smooth chocolate emerges filling your tongue with bold and sweet notes. A delicious sweet cherry arrives shortly after blending the initial chocolate front note with a delectable cherry rush.

Pink Power Vape Juice

belgian waffle + butter pecan + creme de la creme

Pink Power is an e-liquid that is as unique as it is powerfully delicious! Experience a blend crafted to expose deep crevices of nutty sweetness. The inhale of this vape juice begins with a tremendous rush of nutty and sweet butter pecan. The flavor body is supported by a resilient Belgian Waffle providing a sugary breakfast interlude for your taste buds. As you exhale this tasty blend, a pillow of Creme de la Creme finishes this vape juice experience deliciously.

Think Pink Vape Juice

juicy red apple + marshmallow + graham cracker

Pink Ribbon Month is here, and this blend will cause you to Think Pink with every draw. A bold juicy red apple begins this flavor experience with a crisp rush of juiciness upon the very first draw. A pillow of marshmallow arrives balancing out the sweetness of the initial red apple note. As a collision of flavor emanates from your taste buds, a sugary and aromatic graham cracker finishes the back note with absolute brilliance. The after taste of this vape juice provides an unforgettable and truly satisfying flavor profile found in very few vape juices.

At VaporFi, we have gone above and beyond to make these vape juice blends stand up to some of the toughest scrutiny in the industry. Not only are all of the ingredients rated better than food grade, they are also kosher certified. We have gone to the trouble of having our labs FDA registered, and we have sourced all of our nicotine and glycerin from top-rated vendors. VaporFi knows that our valued customers vape with a variety of different set-ups, so we have made these blends available in 50/50 and 70/30 PG/VG mix as well as Max VG. The end result is incredibly high-quality vape juice blends that stand out for their consistently perfect flavors, with fewer quality issues than anywhere else. Check out our Pink Ribbon Vape Juice Blends today, and join the cause!