California E-Cigarette WarningRegulations can be a good thing, but sometimes when it comes to progress, we have the unfortunate situation of taking two steps forward, and one step back. And in this, we are talking about the state of California, aiming to regulate electronic cigarettes with their latest stand on e-cigarettes, in they have started a campaign to urge residents to steer clear of alternative cigarettes entirely, stating they are a health threat and a public health risk.

A public health risk? Really? Considering the amount of negative things being used out there; hello – how many deaths occur yearly due to alcohol usage and abuse? Does liquor get a “public health risk” label? No. With news in the last year coming from a panel of international scientists, uring the WHO (World Health Organization) to adhere from classifying the products as tobacco items, and that their benefit as a public health boon is evident, it seems ludicrous that the entire state of California is beginning to take steps that further scare users from using the products. For those of us with an objective outlook, it seems much more like propaganda.

E-cigarettes are used as alternatives to traditional cigarettes. California is claiming that the products are attempting to “renormalize” smoking, reducing years of progress made to decrease smoking rates, but that as well is not fact. In statistics of e-cigarette users, it was found that there are no substantial numbers showing that nonsmokers are picking up the nicotine habit because of e-cigarettes. They are almost exclusively used by smokers who want a variant on the traditional, without smoke, tobacco, and tar.

Such a move by the state of California is irresponsible, and not fair to users. Restrictions that include age requirements and mandates about where they are able to be used make sense, but to label these products a “health risk” is simply wrong.

We believe regulations can be a good thing, especially in regards to product purity, standards, and quality assurance. We don’t, however, agree with regulations that are biased, based on speculation, and do not take into account the many positive attributes and benefits they avail smokers. Case in point, electronic cigarettes are being unfairly targeted. Come on, California!