Vape fam, this is a wake-up call! This week, our Deal of the Week is all about delicious coffee flavor, so if you’re into having a delectable coffee-inspired vape to start the day, this bundle is one to get in your shopping carts! Normally $45.99, you’ve now got the chance to get the Coffee Lovers Vape Juice Bundle for just $39.99, for this week only! 120ml of amazing flavor, comprised of two of our most revered, classic flavors; yes the vaping is going to be awesome! So check it out and get ready to savor the awesomeness; these flavors, at this price, won’t last long.

The Bundle

Made with precision to capture the essences with care and supreme attention to detail, our Coffee Lover’s Vape Juice Bundle features the inspired flavors, Catch Ya Latte and Raspberry Mocha, each in a 60ml bottle, ready to deliver some great vaping. Coffee-flavored vape juice offers the unmistakable deliciousness of coffee, and these flavors are some of the most sought-after in the vape industry as far as gourmet, one-of-a-kind juices go. Here is a look at each of these liquids and why you’re going to want them in your vape tank!

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Catch Ya Latte 60ML Bottle

Catch Ya Latte

Catch Ya Latte is the supreme latte! This flavor has been among the faves of coffee-loving vapers for years, and it has even been the recipient of industry awards; evidence of its exceptional tastiness! Catch Ya Latte is the gourmet coffee vape flavor of your dreams, offering layers of flavor and complex notes that add a sumptuous array of tastes that take the coffee note to a whole new level. Enhanced with rich hazelnut, deep caramel, and luscious steamed milk, this espresso vape will most certainly soothe your senses. With a PG/ VG ratio of 70% VG to 30% PG, this base allows for some serious cloud action.

Raspberry Mocha

Raspberry Mocha E-LiquidAnother long-time fave among those who prefer the flavor of coffee in their vape tanks is this seductiveness! Raspberry Mocha captures the essence of smooth dark chocolate, spiked up with the addition of ripe raspberries, enveloped by bold espresso, and softened with the flavor of steamed milk. The result is ultra-bold, rich, and especially enjoyable for those who love a great mocha and the unique flavor of raspberries. It is equally a coffee treat and a dessert vape, enabling it to take care of just about every craving for something decadent. This flavor boasts a 70%/ 30% VG to PG ratio, making it perfect for those after intense flavor and the purest, heaviest vapor production.

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So there you have it. This week’s Deal of the Week is promising coffee vape juice flavor as you’ve never imagined and at a seriously killer price. Scoring this bundle of both Catch Ya Latte and Raspberry Mocha e-liquids in 60ml bottles for just $39.99 is a steal and then some, so we hope you take advantage of this deal and get shopping! Amazing, gourmet coffee flavor awaits; savor this deal guys, and then you can savor the flavor!

Gianna Del Monte is the Brand Manager at VaporFi. She has been in the vaping industry since June 2015 and has extensive experience in successfully managing and marketing a variety of new vapor product launches. Originally from New Jersey, Gianna has lived in the Miami area for the last 5 years.